Winter Roller Riding.

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition, I’d like to start by saying a huge thanks to all of you for coming back and subscribing to the website. 

So this week I’ve got some great bit’s of kit to look at, I’ll reveal what they are a bit further on.  I also have an accident that effected my cycling, that could of been a lot worse than what it was.

Also I look at the costs of some bigger rides that seem way way out there, I mean who really does these bigger more expensive ride’s.

Now I like my organised events where safety and good organisation goes hand in hand, this does come at a price though.  However I know most cyclists out there strive for the bigger rides that’ll be more memorable.  Like all of us on face book, I noticed a big event riding the length of the Britain, this looked like a great opportunity to ride the Jogle with a load of other cyclists.

Deloitte Ride Across Britain

I clicked on the page and read the details, hold on a second though, this looks to good to be true.  A great event and loads of cyclist all doing the same ride, who wouldn’t want to be involved with this.  Wait, there must be a catch, I continued reading and the description read that everyone would be in tents on a big campsite.

Uh so 800 plus cyclists all camping in a field then riding on again the following day.  I’m not saying this isn’t possible but 800 + cyclists what about food and hot showers, plus the kit they require where and who looks after this.  The only way to see more was to enter the site further, so I did.  What the fudge, am I seeing this correctly they want £1800 for 8 nights camping.  Or if you want hotels instead of a tent its priced at £2700.  I must be missing something here because I’m sure if you wanted to do a ride of this size there are much cheaper options out there. 

Some of you might like the camping experience when your doing a big ride, however I’m not one of these and I’m happy to admit it.  I’m happy to ride the 100 or 120 + miles a day but I then want a nice hot shower and a good hot meal followed by a good nights sleep.  Which is what I’ll be doing next year, details of this will be released soon.

Before you commit to any big rides have a look around and check out all the companies that are offering this as an event.  It will come at a cost and if like me you don’t want to pay a fortune then you can always look at planing it yourself which will work out a lot cheaper. 


What bike to get next is always a tough process, for instance theres a number of factors you have to consider.  The cost is always a good place to start, or how much the wife or credit card will alloy you to spend.  Then there’s the type of bike you want to get, do you want a cycle cross frame or an Aero bike.  You might even want to do Time Trials or sportive’s which again opens up the options. 

Well worry no more, there’s no need to look at a load of different brands and not know what the difference is in them all.  For some time now I’ve been looking for a bike thats been created by a local company, that can be built and painted to your own spec and requirements. 

So over the next week I’ll be looking at the growing brand of ‘Sublime cycles’.  Sublime have created a bike that fits the cyclists every needs, giving the new design a name with meaning.  The Zoku is more than just a cool name, taken from the Japanese language with two meanings ‘Race’ and ‘Family’ or ‘Clan’.  This is a clever play on names as the owners of Sublime both race and its nice to think all cyclists are a family or a clan.  So Kudos to you Sublime for the great name choice, now I’m really looking forward to trying the new Zoku from Sublime.

I’ll have the full details for you over the next couple of weeks, along with details on how you can get one of these bikes made to your own specs.

Now before I go out and test this new bike I have to make sure I’m 100%.  I wish I could tell you I cycle every day and this is my main job.  Unfortunately it’s not and I like you have a normal job, as well as home improvements.

sublime bikes

Whilst the winter weather’s making things colder I’ve resorted to training on my rollers, some might say this isn’t the same as riding on the open roads.  Well there right and to be honest this is a choice that only you can make.  However I’ve done this over the last couple of years and I’ve noticed the benefits every time. 

Some will go out on a Saturday doing a 30 mile ride and maybe a 10 miler in the week, this is great and I’m sure helps them keep semi fit.  However with the weather as it is this brings it’s dangers,  it’s at these moments in the evening or early in the morning that cycling is at the most dangerous.  Not just from the traffic but the road conditions, whilst driving to work some evenings I feel the van sliding around, so why would I even consider risking a ride n my bike.  I don’t understand these riders who go out in the frosty conditions and risk falling off, potentially damaging what is an expensive bike and possibly hurting themselves.

So I make it my aim to ride my rollers at least every other day for 30 mins covering 10 miles and I’ll tell you this for nothing “I’m Feckered after”.  Rather than get on the rollers and do the same I try and alternate the training.  I’ll do a 30 min session one day and on the other I’ll do a steadier pace, building up the pace and distance as I feel.  This meant I was able to keep my core fitness up and when the weather changed I was able to enjoy my cycling that much more.

Whats your views on cycling this time of year, don’t get me wrong I like a nice fresh ride in the sunny fresh days but you have to put safety first.  Some of you may use the popular Zwift to help you get fit, each to their own but I know one thing.  I never sweat like this when I’m on the roads, its  amazing how the sweat just pours off you when you train indoors.  Once I get started I love it and I feel great after, this has been witnessed by my good wife who has also become addicted to cycling.  So much so I’ve purchased a turbo for her, so she can also train during the winter, I keep telling her she’ll be ready for a sportive next year but I don’t get the best look when I tell her.

OK I need to go and clear some space for this bike I’m looking at this week.  Oh and before I go I’ll have the review soon on the Suunto Spartan sports watch and what a watch it is.

So till the next time you all take it easy and if you do go out during these frosty times go steady.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the website and all the other social media I’m on.  I love looking at the pictures where you all ride and see the great trips and messages you all have.  Thanks to all of you who have followed me so far and I hope you continue to do so.  Hopefully you’ll be able to join me on a ride one day.  If you’re about in the new year I’d love to take some of the offers up I’ve had and join you and you’re friends on a ride out.  Let me know when Is good for you, by emailing me ( and well make some dates.

Till the next time stay safe and remember Smile.

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