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HI there and welcome to this weeks edition,  I’d like to start by saying a huge thanks to all of you for following this website.  Over the last few months the figures have grown far beyond my expectations.  I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to follow the website and I’d like to thank the team who provide the content for you all to read.  So a massive THANKS to all of you and I hope we continue to provide you with an interesting read.

So whats been going on over the last week.  Tony’s carried out a bike review on his Specialised Venge and I’ve some news on the well known event organisers of the Human Race.

As you can all guess the weathers made quite the change here in the UK and I guess around the world from what I’ve seen.  I’ll cover the changes I’ve made to get ready for the winter roads.

I’ll also be sharing the write up of what most cyclist call the dreaded Bonk or the Wall.  I’ll be sharing my experience and how the doctors suggest you can both prevent it and over come it. You can check this out in the  ADVICE section on the website.

Before you go and check out the bike review and the Bonk advise here’s this weeks blog. 

I never saw the point of having more than one bike, but this may also of been a case of affordability as well.  However over the years I’ve managed to build my bike collection allowing me the option to have a summer and winter bike choice.  This is great but I’d like to say I like all my bikes equally but we now this isn’t the case.  We always have a favourite bike and this is where my dilemma originates.

During the summer I ride my Trek Domane 4.5 which I’ve upgraded leaving the only thing original is the frame.  I love this bike it’s because its super comfy and really light, whats not to like.  So getting out on this is a pleasure, don’t get me wrong there’s better bikes out there I’d like but I simply cant afford a  custom titanium bike just yet.  You know when you have a good bike when you love being out on it and it feels like its part of you.  I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the other bikes in my collection but the this is where I struggle to choose when to change. 

What I’ve found is that the summer bike is always the one we prefer, the one we want to keep dry and clean.  So why is it then that the winter bike is called the Hack, I wish I could tell you but I feel it’s a name our winter bikes don’t deserve.  After all we take the winter bike out because we don’t mind it getting wet, or if we should take a spill then it’s not the end of the world.  Well I disagree again, the thought of falling off any of my bikes would piss me off.  After all we buy decent winter tyres to try and prevent this situation from happening. 

Which leads me on to what are you using to roll through the winter,  I’ve always gone with the common and known brand of Continental.  This year though I’ve made a big change, why would I change you probably ask.  Well I was starting to see the conti tyres develop flat spots on the main tread.  If you look at your tyres have a look and see if you have a flat area on the main area that meats the road.  If you do then I’d suggest trying a new tyre, cos this will have an impact on the cornering and confidence you require.  I went with the Schwalbe Durano DD which is an equivalent   to the Gatorskins, but better.  I’ve been using mine for a while and love them and the grip they offer.

So when do I use my winter bike, well the truth is I’ll use my summer bike as much as I can.  So if the weathers nice and there’s no chance it will rain the nice bike comes out to play.  If however the weathers wet or there’s a good chance it will rain then I’ll take my winter bike.  Sorry I forgot to say what my winter bike is, its a Felt Z6 that I bought from a friend, a nice bike but It’s not as stiff a frame as the Trek.  It’s a full carbon frame which I like for the weight but if I was to slide down the road I’d hate to see what the frame would look like after.  What I have noticed though is I not only have to look at what bike I’m taking out but what to wear also.  Honestly I don’t think non cyclists realise the thought process a cyclist goes through before we get out on the road.

Then once were out on the road and avoiding all the puddles and pot holes were trying not to swallow the rain water coming up from the road when it rains.  So do you run mud guards all the time on your winter bike or ones that can quickly fix on or off.  I’ve been looking at the new guards from Crud which I’ll be releasing soon so keep an eye out for this. 

Not only am I swapping bikes like a kid in a candy shop I’m also looking at what to wear when I go out.  The amount of times I’ve looked out the window to see what the weather looks like and dressed according.  Then once I get out and I’m a few miles in I start to overheat and sweat like I’m stood by an open fire.  Then on other time’s I’ve dressed down and then froze my tits off trying to get back without catching the man flu.  I try to make sure I have enough kit to prevent getting cold or wet but I also hate carrying loads of crap in my pockets. 

So with my winter bike ready, mudguards on standby and my winter kit on the radiator ready for those frosty mornings.  I guess I’m ready for the colder weather, then again I have my rollers.  Which I have to admit I’ve been hitting pretty hard recently,  I’ve been loving the  rollers but I sweat like mad. 

One thing I do like is the cold fresh mornings but this brings with it it’s own problem, slippery roads are one of the winters worst causes of accidents. So be vigilant people and stay safe.

I’d like to say thanks for all the e-mails you’ve all been sending in,  and it appears theres quite a few of you who would like me to do more videos.  So rather tan me just do some random video is there something you’d like me to cover.  Please let me know what you would like to see me doing, if you wan to see me doing a fast decent whilst explaining it or a hill climb.  Maybe you’d like to see me doing something completely different.  I do have something I’d like to try if there’s anyone who could help me with this, I’d like to have a go at Velo racing.  This looks  brilliant and so fast, I have no idea about the bikes or the aim so if there’s someone who would be able to help me with this I would love to cover it in a video. Let me know by emailing me in the contact section on the website.

Before I go and sort out my bikes, I just wanted to let you know what I’m trying to look at.  I should be taking a look at a turbo trainer soon, to see how well it works compared to the rollers I use currently.  I’m also waiting to see if this product from America arrives that should make cycling and listening to music a whole different game. 

I was hoping to have a look at the head phones from Haedshokz but they wanted me to go into a store and see how well they worked, I explained this was not a real test that a cyclist would experience, as it’s not on the roads but in a nice quite shop.  Oddly I’ve not heard back from them when I explained this.  So I suppose the only thing I can get from this is that there not properly road tested.  Should they allow me to take a look at their ability and how well they work I’ll let you know. 

One other thing I’m trying to take a look at is a Titanium bike, I really do want to see how well they work and ride.  Is this the way forward as they seem to be growing every time I attend the bike shows.  I really do think this is a bike that’ll last a lifetime so whats the future for the Titanium frames.  I’m in contact with a manufacture about looking at there bikes and as soon as I have more news you’ll be the first to know.

OK don’t forget to check out the bike review from Tony and the write up on the Bonk win the advise section.

Have a good week and please like and share the Cycle With Del page, till the next time. Stay safe and remember SMILE 🙂

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