Torque Wrench

torque wrench

Just when you thought you had your bike all sorted you go to tighten up the seat or handle bars and you realize it’s got a 4 or 5 Nm torque setting. Now you have just spent £££££ on your new bike and you don’t want to try and over tighten the new carbon frame.

Now I looked every where for a Torque wrench that was able to go down to the lower numbers. If your not mechanically minded I’ll try and make it sound a bit easier. These tools are normally used to tighten bolts or nut’s to a certain pressure or tightness. First you would need to know what the required level of tightness is, a bike seat post is normally 4 Nm (newton meters). So you adjust the tool to the required level.

Then as you tighten the bolt it get’s to the point of required pressure and gives a slack or a click feel, this is where the level of turn or tightening stops.

Now the hard part in finding this torque tool, they are normally designed for larger bolts which means they don’t go down as low as 3 or 4 Nm.

However I found one on-line for £36.00  “Park tool” and its great, It works from 2Nm although I only need it from 4Nm and goes upto 45Nm, it also comes with some great attachments which are perfect for the bike.

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However there are other torque tools out there that are set at one torque setting, but be warned they are expensive and you’ll need at least 1+ for your bike as the seat post, handle bars and stem are all different settings.

As an advisory I would say set the tool to the required setting then just turn it back a little, If you look in your hand book it will have the required settings and recommended settings that’s your choice. Just be warned that if you over tighten you will cause it to weaken or break.

torque wrenchcrash

Which if your riding and it breaks you’ll end up getting hurt.

So if your into making sure your bike is at it’s best and you want to do the work yourself just have a look and get a torque wrench go on have a go.

One final thing you must remember is when ever you use your torque wrench always and I mean always remember to set it back to“0”.