I’d like to welcome Tony Walstow to the Cycle With Del team,

Tony’s going to be sharing his experience of road cycling and his new venture into the world of racing.

Tony Walstow is a budding endurance athlete. Born in 1981 Tony has always been involved in sport, dabbling with mountain biking, swimming and a frequent user of the gym, but in early 2015 Tony made a number of lifestyle changes in order to start take the sporting arena seriously.

During this short time Tony has already made an initial collection of medals, ranging from Marathons, Duathlons, and Triathlons, and is now entering the exciting world of road racing, a new challenge which Tony is focusing hard on, further proving any age is a great time to start.

Based in Reading and surrounded by a fantastic rolling countryside, a perfect arena to up the level of endurance and fitness needed to compete at a competitive level.

Evenings and weekends often feature anything from 5km runs, always pushing hard to set new personals records or long early morning endurance rides of 50+ miles.

Currently a holder of a 4th category license, a novice, but determined to win his league and to push for a 3rd category license within 1-2 years, there are no limits, just goals and a lot of hard work.

Tony lives by one core saying, from a great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu “he who conquers others is strong, he who conquers himself is mighty”. It means the idea is to turn your gaze inward and discover stillness, flow, creativity and beauty. Break habits that no longer serve you. Create new ones that help you reach your greatest potential.

This is displayed through a sticker stuck proudly onto the aero handlebars of his race bike, a stern reminder to always push yourself as hard as possible when competing.

Join Tony by reading his racing blog, following the highs, and emotional lows, of his racing journey.