Welcome to Tailfin

Tailfin is a new design and quite possibly the future of bike racks and panniers.

Designer and founder Nick Broadbent explains how and why he started


 A cyclist, founder & mechanical engineer. Nick spent over a decade developing products & technology for other people.

He’s spent the last year developing and researching Tailfin because it’s a product I believe in. I hope you feel the same.

What Nick found was that todays bike’s are designed to be smooth, sleek and stylish with as little weight as possible.

This is when he decided to come up with the ‘Tailfin’ a lightweight and robust design for road bikes.  Being able to carry spare clothes or camping equipment on a strong and lightweight rack system is paramount.

It was at this point Nick decided to look at creating the Tailfin, made from carbon fibre the Tailfin is able to hold it’s shape and support the panniers attached to it.

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