Hello and welcome to the Suunto Ambit 3 sports watch review. If your not aware of Suunto then I’ll fill you in a bit before I get to the review.

Stunt are well known for the design and making of sports watches and dive computers with built in compasses and precision instruments. Based in Finland they started in 1933 with the company founder Tumas Vohlonen. Since then it’s grown and become the market leaders in this field.

Known for a range of sports watches they are constantly looking at creating the perfect sports watch, welcome to the Suunto Ambit 3 sports watch. Whether your out for a run or your training for the next Iron Man we all need to know what times were doing and where we have been.

Now if your cycling we can use our gps computers for all the data we need, but if your doing a triathlon or an Ironman event these computers are no good. For the simple reason of there not able to be submerged for swimming. This is where the Ambit3 comes into its own league, with its mapping facilities your able to track every part of your training or race event through the watches GPS.

Let me get on and show you the watch and all its functions,


Ok so when I received the Suunto I was super excited to see what it was like, for those of you who are really observant you may of noticed I wear a Suunto Core watch all the time anyway. So I know what the quality is like and the durability, but I wanted to cover this review as if this was the first time I had seen one.

As I opened the box I was hit with this colourful looking watch, now they have a couple of different colours and I love this one as it’s vibrant and stands out unlike most watches that are black. I think they call this colour Coral which is like a light matt red. As I take it from the box its clear that this is not the smallest of watches but then none of the Suunto ranges are small.

Holding it I could see there are a few differences compared to the Suunto I currently wear but this is the sports watch and has a lot more functions up its sleeve.

Once I had a good look around the watch I noticed there was no battery cover (normally on the back of the watch) instead there was 4 little metal dots, once I unpacked the rest of the bits I noticed the USB cable supplied had a crocodile style clamp on the end with what looks like 4 gold looking teeth teeth on it. I then knew this was to clamp onto the watch against the 4 dots. It’s at this point when the watch kicks into life (only from being in storage) and all the screen lights up.

The first thing I noticed was the big clear digital number on the nice sized screen, then I noticed the charge bar on the bottom of the screen showing how much the watch needed charging. This was the first of the nice little touches to the watch, there’s nothing worse than not knowing how long the batteries are going to last on your watch.

Although the watch feels a little bulky when you put it on you don’t really notice it, I mean you know its there but it feels comfortable and secure. If I had to pick out anything I would say the strap could be a little longer but thats really a personal thing as I seem to have large wrists. I asked a few friends to put the watch on and they had no problems which made me feel like I had fat wrists. Still it looked good when you have it on and if like me you don’t mind a different colour then this is ideal.

The Ambit 3 is loaded with a number of brilliant little features that set this ahead of the competition,

15h battery with 5 sec-GPS accuracy (1 min-accuracy: 100h)

Speed, pace, distance and GPS altitude

Route navigation and track back


Heart rate in swimming**

Bike power support (Bluetooth Smart)

Multiple sports in one log

Interval workout planner*

Interval workouts with voice guidance*

Activity based recovery time

Quick recovery and sleep recovery tests (Firstbeat)**

Moves count training programs on the watch

Extended feature set through Suunto Apps

Languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH

There are also a few more bits, this watch really does cover almost all areas, The Ambit3 sports watch is Bluetooth smart compatible and NOT compatible with ANT+, however it does come with the Heart rate sensor.

Upload and share your moves instantly*

Customise your watch on the go*

Time and GPS satellite data up to date on the go*

Use your phone as second watch display* (Add an extended battery pack for your smartphone to support even longer adventures.)

Integration with Strava and TrainingPeaks


When you look at the Suunto you’ll see there are 3 well sized buttons on the right side and another 2 buttons on the left, as I mentioned these are well sized and easy to use when your taking part in your sporting activity. All you need to do is know which buttons you want to press for the information you require, I’ll explain more about this a bit further on.

So the functions, There are four functions you can access by pressing the top button on the right side. This opens the options for you to look at,

NAVIGATION;  from here you can look at a few different options from Logbook, Location,Routes and POI ( points of interest). This is where you can use it to guide you to a destination of your choice.

EXERCISE; here you have a few more options to help you in what ever event your taking part in, from Indoor training,Triathlon,Running,CyclingRun a route, Pool swim and Open water. These are some brilliant little features that you can cover most of the sports where you would need a sports watch or even out for an open water swim.

LOGBOOK; now I’d love to tell you what this did but I’ll hold my hands up and say ”I don’t know”. From what I understand this is where you can look at your recent events and see your stats.

DISPLAYS; this is where you’ll find all the other bits from a sports watch like Stopwatch, Countdown timer, Activity and Compass. Even more features that would be useful to the pro or trying athlete.

The 2nd button on the right is your quick button to the Compass, Stopwatch, Countdown and weekly activity info. Just by pressing this till you get to the screen you want will save you having to use the 1st button.

Then the 3rd button on the right side is one of the easier ones, this is the light but you can also use this button to flip from a white background and black numbers to a black background and white numbers, a bit confusing when you read it but simple when you have the watch on your wrist.

Then there’s the 2 buttons on the left side,  the top one is even easier, its your Back button if you want to go back out of a screen. The final button is for the view on the bottom of the watch, this shows you what battery power is left, or the day of the week and lastly the seconds.

So if you have the simple set up on the screen you’ll have the date, time and then I have the day. However when your starting an event there are a few more things to look at.

One thing I did notice was the amount of information the Ambit 3 provided you with when your training. You were able to see every option you wanted from your heart rate to the direction in which your going. There is a slight down side to this though but you do get use to it after a while, when your mid training session or on an event unless you know where to look it can be a little confusing when your trying to see the one bit of information you really want to look at. However when you get used to looking at the screen you want it won’t take you long to get used to it.


After looking at the Suunto Ambit 3 sports watch for a few months I found there was an area where this watch would really help, If your into your triathlons or Iron man events where there’s a mixture of running, swimming and cycling and you can’t carry a Garmin or Mio with you because there not 100% waterproof then the Ambit is a vital piece of kit for you.

With the variety of options to see your performance either on the Suunto Ambit App or linking it to the computer and transferring the data over you can check everything you need to at the push of a few buttons.

One thing I did like on this watch was the battery and charging connection, with the little clamp that bites over the watch and clicks into place. I also liked the battery power as it seemed to last for ages. Even when it was flat once it was plugged into the power it never took long to charge up to full power.  With the watch being used every day it lasted a week easily, with the GPS and other bits running I stretched it to five days.  However the charging from the usb took no time at all. 

I know you want to know if I would buy one and wear it as my sports watch, well I have to admit I do wear a Suunto watch every day the Suunto Core. How ever it’s not a sports watch, its more of a climbing watch but suits me till I find a sports watch I would wear all the time. So would I get one….to be honest for what I do and what it does it wouldn’t be used to its full capacity so no I wouldn’t get one, “BUT” if I was into my triathlons and Iron man events then I would be wearing one all the time.

I loved the build quality and it was surprisingly comfortable when being worn, In terms of can it be made any better then I have to say Yes. I’d like to see it have a square screen making it easier to see what I wanted and also fit better on the wrist. I’d also like to see the strap be a bit longer as it only just went around my wrist, I loved the fact it was a different colour and would love to see more garish colours on the next edition.

Let me get onto the Cycle With Del Score,

Cost;             6/10

Design;         5/10

Functions;     8/10

Overall;         7/10


This really is a sports watch for those who take part in multi events, if you wanted one for just cycling then don’t bother because you won’t really get the full benefit from its features.

If your into your swimming and running with maybe a bit of cycling then don’t look any where else this is the watch for you. With all the features this watch packs there really isn’t another out there to take it on.   

I’d like to thank all at Suunto watch company for allowing me to take a look at the Suunto Ambit 3 sports watch.  With a massive range of watches they have to offer I’m sure there’s a watch that will suit your requirements.

Thanks Again to all at Suunto from Cycle With Del.