When we hear about Skin care most of us just ignore it or were afraid to admit we suffer from some form of skin irritation. Well I suffer from saddle sores on long rides, I don’t suffer on the shorter rides but on the really long rides I know I’m going to need to treat it for a few days after the ride. 

It’s not just saddle sore’s though that need attention, some riders I know get a rash from there jerseys and a few others get quite dry skin causing a regular irritant, restricting there enjoyment to cycle more. 

Well I think I have found a product that has changed my life, I can now ride over 100 miles and feel relaxed knowing I’ve not developed the saddle rash I usually feel. Not only that but this product has helped me with a number of different challenges my body has thrown at me. 

Before I tell you about this product I want to explain how I found it, well it found me via the world of Twitter. Yep this company started to follow me and when I saw the name I was curios as to who it was. Well it’s really simple really, theres nothing complicated at all about this company and the reason for that is because it’s run by one person.

It all started when they went to some spinning classes in the 90’s and enjoyed it so much they became an instructor in spinning. I have to admit I have never been to a spinning class but they look really tough not that I wouldn’t keep up more like pass out. Anyway after running spinning classes they then wanted to go further in the cycling world proceeding into road cycling. 

After joining a cycling team they found that the were confronted with the same problems as the rest of us in the cycling world, the discomfort of a sore or rash. It was at this point they decided to do something about it. 

In 2004 Dermatec Inc was founded in the state of New York, but this wasn’t the only job they had “No”, they also had a family that required the same love and support they have been used to the whole time they were growing up. This never stopped them though, where others would of said “No” this wasn’t an option. Juggling the family life and running the start of a new business with a new product was no walk in the park. Long days and shorter nights meant they were putting 110% into making sure the family were still getting the love and attention they were used to but the company and the product were getting all the assistance required to make it the best out there. 

This is the brain child of someone who knows how to treat people and listens to what cyclists and other athletes need. Its here that Dermatect Inc created, Crotch Guard and Amputect. A synthetic oil base with a number of other secret ingredients was released, all of this from a Single parent who successfully raised two children who went on to have their own family.

So what is this Skin care product, well its simply brilliant thats what it is. I was sent a few bottles through the post and after given a few samples out to riders who also suffer quite badly when there out on the bike, the results were stunning. 

It comes in a bottle big enough to put in your jersey pocket allowing you to take it on long rides ensuring you don’t develop any sores. As it’s an oil water and sweat can’t penetrate it causing a skin irritant with your clothing rubbing against the wet skin.  The skin then gets sore and bacteria develops creating the sores, athletes taking part in Triathlons have applied it preventing any rashes from wetsuits or skin suits enabling them to compete at a much higher level.

There’s a saying  I like to use which is “ Prevention is better then cure” and this product is the best way to prevent any discomfort but packing the ability to cure as well . I know there are loads of anti chaff products out there but this one is slightly different and easier to apply. 

Why is this skin care product so different, well I have used it on my girls if they get really dry and flakey skin and its helped them recover better than any thick creams the doctor has said to use. 

It’s also good for babies and any nappy rash they may get, but for me the true test was when I go to bed. No not in that sense you dirty minded people you, when I go to bed I get really dry feet and it makes me feel like I’m having a fit, but with Crotch Guard I suffer no more. With a couple of squirts and then rub the oil in I’m going to sleep with no worries.

Wait because it get’s even better, I recently received some new ink on my leg ( tattoo ) and I asked if this would help in the healing process. Well I had my design outlined on a Friday afternoon, over the Saturday and Sunday I applied the oil 4 times a day. On Monday it was fully healed and I was able to get the rest of the tattoo finished. The tattoo artist had never seen a tattoo heal that quick for the years he has been tattooing. 

So this is a great product for the skin and the healing of any skin related concerns you may have. 

I know what your thinking, where can I get this from. Well it’s not sold in the UK currently and you have to purchase it online from the States at http://dermatect.com/

, however the delivery is really quick. It won’t be long till this is in any decent cycling shop or health shop as it’s truly brilliant. 

What about the feel and consistency, well ays can see its a clear liquid, it is an oil so it has a great smooth feel to it. On application you simply just spray it in the area you require protection and I put a little on the pads of my shorts also. This then ensured I had the best protection during my ride. 

Now if you don’t use this on your ride and you find your a little sore after a ride the chances are you’ve developed a little skin irritation. Have a good shower or bath making sure you wash the area of concern, dry throughly after and then apply the oil to the sensitive areas. 

What this does is helps the skin heal preventing any infection and allowing you to carry on with your daily tasks in complete comfort.

So whats my thoughts or concerns, well I have to say with any new product I’m a little dubious as to what the claims are, when I received the bottles I wasn’t sure on the whole “Crotch Guard” thing, it’s a bit Graffiti style, but don’t fall in to the judging it by the cover group. After applying it and testing it through all weathers it really does what it say’s on the bottle.

If anything it does more which really surprised me. I mean to spend a fortune on some new ink ( tattoo ) and to then have the trust to use the oil to see if it’ll help with the healing is something else. When I witnessed the way my skin healed after the ink I was shocked. 

It was at this point I wanted to see what else it did, my wife applied it after having her legs waxed and the redness went almost straight away.  I then found myself applying it any time I found a reddish rash on my skin and it was gone by the following day.

Do I think it’s worth the $21 for a 4oz bottle, defiantly, do I like the name and design, Not overly but it stands out. I’m sure names like Skin Guard, Skin shield or skin Guard have been used already, if not theres another one for you. 

Like I said before prevention is better than cure and theres nothing worse than going to the doctors and showing them your butt because you never looked after your body. Get on to the website http://dermatect.com/ and get yourself a few bottles. 

What ever the time of year your body is prone to some kind of rash or sore, don’t let it ruin the lost days doing what you love so much, a couple of little squirts and your free to enjoy the sport you love so much.