Riding For A Reason

Well, here we are, and with thanks to Del for inviting me to share my thoughts via this blog I am rudely dipping my clipless pedals into your cycling world, apologies for the intrusion. If you’ve taken a look at my profile you’ll See that I’m pretty much your archetypal MAMIL and hopefully some of my thoughts and experiences will be of help to you, or at least give you a little laugh now and again.

Making mistakes so you don’t have to.

Well, that’s pretty much the likely theme of my ramblings, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions over time but in essence the next few months of my cycling will culminate in a charity ride that I’m organising in order to raise awareness of diabetes and how a healthy lifestyle can minimise the pandemic that it’s becoming. Rather than give you all the details in one go you’ll get them as a slow drip in coming months, besides, you’re probably more interested in my training programme (make it up as I go) and kit (nothing too special) so here’s a little flavour by way of setting the scene:

I’m 48 and today I weigh 82 kilos. My goal by the time of the ride in late May is to be 49 and 75 kilos, the first is pretty much guaranteed.

I work for a medical devices company, hence the choice of Diabetes for the ride, in a job that takes me around Europe, the ride is from Geneva which is our European HQ to Heerlen in the Netherlands which is another important company site.

I have two bicycles, one of which I’ll be riding until the weather allows me to risk the other. You can think about that while I explain that my winter ride is a self-build based on a Trek 1.1 alloy frame which is all that remains from my first modern road bike, it’s referred to as Trigger’s Broom; I’ll probably talk about the build in coming updates to the blog and I’ll prove to you that it’s not beyond the wit of a gibbering goon to build a really rather functional ride. My second bike is a Rose carbon road bike built to order online. It’s a great bike: very quick, a little nervous and very light but if I’m honest (I daren’t say it in front of the Rose) I really do prefer to ride Trigger’s Broom. I’ve got plenty of thoughts on bikes and I’ll try and mention mine in every blog update.

Regarding kit I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for but that you can reach a quality/price point that will meet your needs without breaking the bank. I’ve got plenty of everything but I have got a very close relationship with my Endura gloves & shorts and my Gore-Tex waterproof jacket. Oooh, and my day glo yellow Sidi shoes which make me 20% faster and 75% cooler! Again, I’ll probably reflect on kit in each update with thoughts on accessories, too.

I’d like to also keep you updated on my health and fitness, I smashed myself up pretty severely on a group ride in mid September and got back on the road on Boxing Day, I expect returning to full fitness will take me until April and I will need to build up pace and distance while managing my diet. This will not be easy, fellow humans, as there is no substitute for a good pork pie, except for a few pints and a pork pie.

I’m closer to Christopher Biggins than Bradley Wiggins but I hope you will return to read further in future. Thought until next time: “consider your cadence”.


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