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Hello there hope you’ve all had a good week and enjoyed the weekends ride,  I’ve been really busy this week which I’ll explain a bit more later on.  I’ve added a few more pages for you to have a look at and I see Geth has added a great blog this week also.

I don’t know if you’re following any of the pro cyclists currently racing but they really are going through all kinds of weather.  Oh well it is their job I guess and you endure all weathers when you head out for a good ride and you do it for fun.  One thing I have thought about though is a great little idea for that could be a brilliant set up for all bikes.

OK let me get on with it…….

With all the talk of motors in the down tube I had a moment of what I would consider Genius but you may think its shit,  rather than a motor in the down tube what if it was a battery that was connected to the crank like a motor but as you peddled it would charge the battery.

Then you would have a USB connection in the top of the frame where you could plug in a GPS device or even some lights, you could even charge up your phone if you were on really long rides.  What if you could clip the GPS device into its mount and it charged from all your peddling.

I know what your going to say, “ its just like a dynamo like the old bike lights” yes I guess it is but why not make it more efficient.  With bikes getting lighter and lighter you wouldn’t even notice the difference and if you knew you could charge your GPS or mobile devices knowing that you will have that reassurance of safety as well.

It’s just a thought to be honest and I think if I had the opportunity to be able to charge my phone or GPS device whilst out on a long ride I would defiantly consider having one fitted.  I mean it would solve the problem of a flat battery ever happening again.

If any of you are mad tech’s who like the idea of making something like this let me know how it goes, if it works don’t forget where you first got the idea here at “cyclewithdel”

I don’t know if you all think the same as me but I’ll explain where I’m going with this first.  I know I’ve mentioned it before but I need to have a point to doing something, a goal or a target however you look at it its a reason to try and push harder or train for a particular challenge.

Well I’ve set myself a challenge that really is one tough cookie, I’m hoping the team from cycle with del will come along and join me with either the whole challenge or support for some of it.  From what I have seen there aren’t many in the world that have achieved this challenge and after looking at the statistics I can understand why.

Everesting is a challenge that won’t appeal to everyone, it’s basically what you would imagine. Cycling the same height as Mount Everest, however there is a catch and the rules are pretty strict.  In short the ride must take place in one go and on the same hill, yep you got it the same hill.  So imagine going up and down the same hill enough times to match the height of Everest.

The thing is it doesn’t end there, the height of Everest is 8848 meters.  Well there’s another challenge that means doing a few more meters to reach the height of 10,000 meters get’s you into another group of exclusive riders.  I mean I won’t be doing 8848 m in a hurry so I may as well do the both together.

Everesting website                                       Everesting Rules

So when am I looking to complete this challenge, September is my aim which will give me enough time to raise money for the charity I’ll be riding for all the details for this are on my ‘Fundraising‘ page Please take a couple of seconds and help me by donating.

In order to complete the 10,000m challenge this needs to be completed within 36 hours, breaks are allowed but the most important part of this is it needs to be recorded on a device thats then uploaded to Veloviewer and Strava.  I will also need to submit it to the 500.  This is an elite group that set up these challenges in the aim of pushing yourself to the limits, once the ride has been confirmed I’ll be able to display the 3 drops for Everesting and the Grey stripe.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at where would be a good location to complete this challenge, the problems I have are fairly simple. If I choose a steeper hill I run the risk of over working the muscles, this will put to much strain on the body and make the challenge harder than required.  The second issue is if the hill is to shallow or not very heigh it’ll result in having to do a load more trips.  I mean would anyone really want to ride the same hill over 120 times, I don’t think so.

After a load of research I’ve come back to the oil that I love so much and still hold the fastest time for going down it. Yep you guessed it “Cheddar Gorge”, after looking at the Hall of fame it appears there have been a few who have achieved this challenge on the very same piece of road.  So I know it’s possible but what I have to take into consideration is the time it’ll take to do it.  From the figures I have seen so far both riders t have completed this have taken over 25 hours to do so.  That is a long time in the saddle and to think it’s all hill……..I mean I like hills but 25 hrs….WOW I don’t want to be in the saddle for this long.

So how can I complete this quicker than 25 hrs, well this is where you come into it.  I mean all of you, from all the local cycling clubs to those who like to ride for a bit of fun.  Come along and ride with me, or come and say hello every little bit will make a difference.

The biggest thing about this challenge is not the height or the distance but the amount of money we can raise for such a great charity.  Any donation you can offer will make all the difference and mean a massive amount to all those children and families, I’ll keep you posted on the final date but until then check out the Fundraiser page and make a donation.

Whilst looking through some of the news this week I’ve seen a few things that have made me have a little chuckle, from the really bad weather to riders falling off because there going up hills so slow they just fell off.  I then noticed a few riders who have been training using a drag chute, if you want to have a tough training session try a good headwind.  One thing they all seem to be doing for there training is hill’s,  there all riding the hills.  I’ve always said the key to being a stronger rider is to ride the hills,  after all it must have some meaning or they wouldn’t all be doing it, just look at all the pictures of the training pics there all on hills….

Another thing I’ve noticed is the way that all the cyclist group up, I was going home the other morning after another long night at work and I noticed a similar thing.  Birds…..not the female kind but the ones that fly, they work together to cover a greater distance easier.  I mean they really do work together in a way thats brilliant, they fly in a V formation which I know we can’t do on the open roads but we can get close, plus they also take it in turns to lead.

Riding as a group sounds easy and looks easy but the fact is to some its really hard.  To get the best out of riding as a group you need to be tight and I mean about a hands distance of the wheel infant of you, if you’re riding in pairs the rider next to you needs to be close enough that you can feel their elbows occasionally rubbing yours.

This is whats known as a tight group, however not everyone can ride like this so trying to keep it as tight as possible and within your comfort zone will help more than you think.  Remember everybody needs to take some time on the front and if you find the slower ones are dropping off break into two groups.

If you go out as a group stay as a group, if you find a few are falling into the slower pace make a decision and form two groups, remember safety in numbers.  With all the road rage against cyclist it’s better to ride as a pair than drop someone because they can’t keep up.  If you plan a longer ride then let everyone know what the plan is and if a few drop of then they need to stick together.  Training is everything and the more you do the better you’ll feel so try and ride closer next time your out and you’ll notice the difference.

Is there anyone looking at taking part in the Human race event at Longleat coming soon,  I really can’t wait and to be honest I’m looking forward to the weather getting better more than anything else.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind the winter and the cold fresh mornings but I can’t wait to get out on a ride in just shorts and jersey.

For all of you who live in a nice hot country you really do have it good, I mean I like the seasons we get here but the weather is so unpredictable its annoying.  So I hope this year I hope the weathers good and we have a hot summer, apart for the day I aim to complete the challenge a nice cool day will be perfect.

Don’t forget to have a look at the Food page I’ve added, I would of had more pictures but I get carried away when I’m cooking and forgot sorry.  I’ll also have a great safety feature released in the week along with the Mio Cyclo 200 GPS unit which is well worth looking at.

Don’t forget you can follow me on my Facebook page and group, (make sure you like them both) plus I’m on Strava,Twitter and Instagram.  Please like and share and once I get to 1000 likes I’ll do a special giveaway.

Well I hope you all have a good week, with the days getting longer maybe a few late afternoon or evening rides may be looming.  Catch you soon and remember Stay safe and Smile 🙂

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