Welcome to my reviews page, from here I’ll be looking at as many products as I possibly can.  I’m not going to mess around I like to put the products through the paces,  after all it’s no good if you get it on your bike and it lets you down.

I’ll look at every aspect and try and see how good they really are, there are a few however that don’t make to this section.

When you want that extra bit of storage and you don’t want a back pack what else is there.  Well I’ve been looking at Thules Pannier and Bike Rack system.

For touring or commuting  this really is the ideal solution for keeping all the bits you need safe and dry.  Check out the review by clicking the link below.

Looking at the different types of GPS devices on the market I take a look at the Mio Cyclo 200.  With a full in depth review and details of operations along with pictures why would you look at any other review.


When it comes to your safety you want to make sure you have it covered, well I take a look at what can only be described as the best out there.

Have a look at how it works and how well it makes you feel safe whilst out doing anything not just cycling.

Adidas headphones

When it come’s to headphones there’s a wide range to look at,  I’ve taken what I think are the best three out there.  I know we all like to have different things but for sports headphones these are some of the better value ones.

For most if not all cyclists we need to look after our bodies, well I think I’ve found one of the best products out there for protecting your special areas.

Not only  that I even used it on my tattoo after it was done and the healing time was incredible.  Before you buy a product your not aware of try this knowing I have tried it and will continue to use it.

Looking at the next thing to put on your bike you might want to have a look at the Sigma break light.  It’s one of those things that you’ll either think is good or you’ll not like it at all.

Don’t judge it till you’ve seen the review, I thing there may be some possibility of a few cyclists liking it.


When it comes to looking for a watch I’d like to think I’ve seen a few, I do like my watches.  However a good sports watch is really hard to find, especially if you want a watch to track your rides and all your body readings.

Well I think I have found the perfect watch, in fact if you like doing your triathlons then this really is the sports watch for you.