Wearing Sunglasses isn’t just so you can look cool although for dome out there I’m sure it is.  They may help out in the cool area but protecting your eyes whilst out on a ride is recommend.  I agree with this to the max after suffering with a fragment of metal getting into my eye whilst riding, it hurt like you cant imagine.

Not only do they stop debris going into your eyes they prevent you from getting sun glare.  With the huge range of glasses out there it’s more a case of what you want and the style of glasses you like.

I personally wear Tifosi with the react to light lenses, a brilliant pair of glasses and with the ability to adjust quite quickly in different light conditions.  I’ve wore these on the sunniest of days and on the darkest of nights with no worries at all.  The best thing is I don’t have to mess around changing the lenses.

To help you see whats out there I’v found a few that might be worth looking at. I hope you enjoy the selection.

madison glasses

A really popular model, these D’Arc glasses have a classic half-frame wraparound design and they’re supplied with three lenses to suit different conditions. They have a single lens design for maximum protection and the frame is coated with a rubberised material to provide a comfortable and non-slip fit.

dhb PhotoChromatic Half Frame Sunglasses

Lightweight, photo chromatic, half frame sunglasses which offers UVA and UVB protection. Frame in matte black with mirror finished lenses to eliminate glare.


Performance sunglasses with a lightweight, durable Grilamid frame and wrapping lens shape for protection from the elements. Featuring an adjustable rubber nose piece for an optimum fit and interchangeable lenses for to suit multiple lighting conditions..


The Tifosi Dolomites 2.0 are a strongly performing pair of glasses that allow for a good level of ventilation around the nose and ears, without being too breezy. We found that the lenses were both easy to fit and secure in the sturdy frame.

Salice 011 RW Radium Sports Sunglasses - Mirror - Black/RW Radium

Lightweight, comfortable glasses with two lenses and a hard case included in the sensible price. The lightweight frame is made from a Grilamid material. You notice the lack of bulk when you first extract them from the hard case. You get two lenses in the hard case, a tinted multi-layer mirror coating lens and a low-light orange lens.

Uvex makes a wide range of eyewear for various purposes including s a really nice range of cycling glasses. These are smart looking and comfortable glasses with interchangeable lenses to suit different conditions. Changing lenses involves pulling a small flap above the nose bridge out, which releases the lens from the frame, and means the lenses are held in place very securely.

Endura Benita Glasses

These Benita glasses from Scottish clothing company Endura use a one-piece photochromic lens with an anti-fog finish to reduce misting, and the fit is adjustable with a flexible rubber arms tips. The nosepiece is vented to provide extra comfort.

Briko Endure 5.0 Sunglasses

These are all-weather glasses with great optics from five lenses and a hardshell case to keep them all in. Open up the hardshell case and you’ll find a lightweight frame made from Grilamid polymer which is incredibly flexible in all directions. There are five lenses included in the pack.

Zero RH Olympo Triple Fit Glasses

Zero RH+ know a thing or two about glasses thanks to having an optical range selling specs to the High Street. These are brilliant sunglasses with excellent fit and performance. The Triple Fit part of the name comes from the fact that the Olympos are adjustable in three places, the nosepiece in two ways and the arms, helping you to get a a really good fit.


Oakley is a name synonymous with cycling sunglasses, and they demand a premium price. They are top-quality glasses, as you’d hope for when you spend this much, offering excellent protection with easily interchangeable lenses and high quality optics in a vast range of tints. The frames come in a variety of colours