The cycling glove is one area some riders really over look.  You’re hands are just as important as the rest of your body.

Depending on what time of year it is will mean you’ll have a number of pairs of gloves.  I know this from experience and now own a few pairs of gloves for both summer and winter.

Making sure you have the right gloves is crucial preventing those numb hands and pins and needles feelings. This may be down to the way your bikes set up but the gloves are the first place I’d look.

When it comes to looking at gloves there’s two three factors I would look at, the first is what time of year are you riding depends on the type of glove you get.

Then I’d look at the padding on the palm and make sure there’s sufficient padding thats going to be durable enough to take a fair bit of abuse.  After all you lean on the hands a fair bit so padding is relatively important.

Finally I’d look at the fit, after all there going to be on you’re hands every time you go out so they need to be comfortable.  Try and look at the ease of getting them off as well, theres nothing worse than struggling to get the gloves off after a big ride.

To try and help I’ve found the top selling gloves and put them on here for you to have a look.  have fun and I hope this helps.

Castelli Prima Knitted Glove

Road cycling gloves with a breathable and high wicking coolmax fabric construction. Featuring a silicone grip palm for a more connected feel and conductive touch technology fingertips to allow for convenient use of touch screen devices during activity.

B’Twin 700 Winter Cycling Gloves

If you ride your bike in the winter, remember to equip yourself with winter cycling gloves.  Gloves are an essential part of your kit to protect you from the cold and bad weather and ensure you are always in full control of your bike.

The Altura Therma stretch Windproof Gloves are a high stretch glove with insulating Neoprene, offering an adaptive close fit for performance cyclists seeking warmth on fast rides.


The World Cup gloves feature a unique combination of 4mm DoctorGel padding, a ventilated palm and a back panel that reduces moisture and ensures a comfortable fit. Ideal for long days in the saddle when comfort is essential.

Other features to look for are good quality padding, which is often in the form of gel inserts. Padding can help prevent rubbing and blisters. A good closure system, typically velcro, and a snot patch. The ‘snot patch’ is a soft piece of fabric, often on the back of the thumb, which is designed to either wipe away sweat or snot, depending on your needs.

The Strade Dure™Supergel was designed for exceptional cushioning thanks to Dual Layer Technogel® / Rebound Foam padding. Our exceptional Super Fit™ ergonomic design and high-quality construction enhance the fit and feel, to eliminate the bulky feel of other ultra plush gloves. And with the durability of AX Suede™ palms, you can keep going when the road ends.

Louis Garneau 12c Air Gel Cycling Gloves

These cycling gloves feature a thick gel padding on the palms that has been pre-shaped in order to provide a comfortable fit even when you are out for long rides. They also have hook up closures that allows you to put them on and take them off easily. If your hands usually become sore during long rides, these gloves will be very suitable for you. Road vibration is significantly cut down by the gel palm.


The La Sal 2.0 gloves are a fantastic pair of short fingers gloves from Lizard Skins. The La Sal 2.0’s are made using a breathable mesh with padded Clarino palms and features reflective highlights making them brilliant value to protect your hands.


Gel padded gloves with a mesh back for cooling airflow. The short fingers allow maximum dexterity while a soft, absorbent wipe helps keep you dry and comfortable on climbs and hard efforts.

Whatever camp you fall in, mitts (I ride without them, for the record) can provide extra grip and cushioning, and will also protect your hands in the event of an unwelcome meeting with the Tarmac.

Premium level gloves for endurance road riding. The summerGlove_S7 features critically placed gel padding for vibration damping and pressure relief over extended periods, a high stretch slip-on cuff and a soft terry thumb wipe panel.

A performance glove for the everyday rider with the comfort, control, and ventilation provided by the same technologies used in Sugoi’s RC Pro Chamois.

AVIP Gloves give the closest possible contact with the bike. Made from a breathable 4-way stretch fabric, the thin glove has silicone print for excellent grip and the palm is reinforced with a patch for a more comfortable ride.

The height of Castelli Technology and expertise manifested for total performance and zero compromise. The softest fabrics are used for pure comfort, protection and grip while every fine detail is attended to, making this a true Rosso Corsa Glove.