Hello and welcome to my Products page.  From here you’ll be able to look at a range of bits, from this years Bikes to GPS units.

Along with The Clothing Section featuring Helmets, Gloves, Shoes and Base Layers.  Within this section I’ll bring you as much information as I can resulting in this section growing constantly.

This will continue to get bigger and offer more information as it goes.  I hope you enjoy the parts I’ve covered so far.

Thule Pannier setup

When it comes to carrying things there is only one company, Thule have made it possible to carry anything from boats, bikes luggage to small children and more.

What ever you want to move Thule will have the ideal solution for you, with a wide range of designs to cover every outcome.


Take a look at this years bikes, providing you with all the information you need to make the next purchase.

Caratti Sport Bib Shorts

When it comes to clothing you need to make sure you have the best if your going to spend some time on the saddle.

I’ve taken the top ten brands that are currently on the market and shown them here for you to have a look at.


With most cyclists a bike computer or GPS unit is a must, Ive found the market leaders and put them here for you to have a look at.

I have my own favourites and I’m sure if you have a good look through you’ll see which one I favour.  Just remember don’t fall in to the trap of getting the one most of you have heard about.  There are better ones out there that you may not know  lot about.

Auction Page

Bringing you a page where you can help raise money for charity and potentially win a great product. All you need to do is bid to win.

Bringing you the best in bike racks and panniers. Check out the best there is and whats coming our way.