There’s one thing that’s more important than anything when you’re out on the bike, “You’re Safety” yep this is one area that I really do try to support more than anything.

This has been bought more to our attention more recently after so many cyclists have been involved in accidents.  it’s a horrible thought to think most of these accidents are involving motorist but the fact of the matter is its true.

So what precautions are you taking when you set of for you’re next ride, to be honest there’s not a great deal you can do.   OK yo can explain where your going to head to but we all know a route can change at any time.   You could also be heading out on you’re own on a spur of the moment ride.

At any point of you’re ride the worst thing could happen, I know I know we all hope and wish it never happens but some times this is out of our hands.  Have you got any form of safety plan put in place to help with an emergency should you ever need it, well look no further.

I’ve found what can only be described as one of the best forms of safety out there,  now I found this over a year ago and I have to say they have really developed it from there.  The product I’m talking about is “ Onelife iD “ they have nailed this safety system completely and its brilliant.

I’ll be showing you the products and what you get as well as how you set up your account making this the most informative safety feature for any sport.

So what is “Onlife iD” well its a web based data for you.   I’ll explain more about this later on but first I’ll show you the products that are on offer first.

There’s a number of different options available to provide the key information you wish to share in the event of an emergency.  Dog tags, Key ring, Wrist band, iD Cards, Mini Tag, Mini Tag case, Gift card, Information stickers, Medi Badge, Mobile phone ICE screen, as well as a wide range of replacement parts and spares available.

I went for the Onelife iD Dog tags, and the Stealth Squadra iD wrist band with the orange stripe to try and get a bit of colour and to try and match the bike a little.  Once I had chosen the items I was going to order you have to go through a short process providing some information of what you want on the iD tags.  This is a really easy process an really well thought through, in fact I was super surprised at the information you can get on there.

When I received the items ordered I was surprised how good they actually looked, the wrist band was really neat with a durable rubber strap and a watch like clasp.  It comes with enough length that you have the option to cut it down to the length you require.  Once you have the strap at the length your happy with, you just fix it into the clasp and it’s secure.

As for the Dog tags there pretty much as you would imagine but with a rubber surround reducing the risk of any sharp edges causing any concern.   One thing is the same on all the Onlife iD products, the information tags.  These are what looks like an engraving, but feels more like a print.  Either way they look really good although if they were engraved it would have a better look to them.

The Dog tags come on a cheap ball chain that seems to do the job, you could put them on your own necklace.  If you wished but the supplied necklace is fine.  Again the iD tags are the same as the other tags with the information and contact details in case of an emergency.

All the products are really well made and have a good quality feel to them, I wear mine only when I go out on my bike but you could wear them all the time if you wished and they would stand the test of time.  There really well designed and very light, meaning you hardly know you have them on.

When you take a look at the website you can have a look at all the different options available, making sure you can get the one that suits you’re requirements.  Once you’ve chosen the items you want you then move onto creating an account for yourself, this is a really simple process and very well explained.

There are a number of different options depending on the amount of information you want displayed on the tags,  you can also have a QR code that when someone scans it they go straight to your page, then it’ll ask for a 4 digit code thats on the tag.  Once the code is entered your page appears with all the details about you.

You can add as much information about yourself as you want, remember this is info that some complete stranger will be using to relay to any member of the emergency services or use to help you in an emergency.  As long as you add the information they will be able to see it, along with any profile pictures so they know they have the right person.

The Onelife iD contact info page is well thought out and easy to update should any of your details need to be amended.  All you have to do is log in and then go to the profit section, once your there you can change what you need.

When you look at the Onelife iD website they have a great selection of tags and bands that you can taylor to your requirements.  I’ve had a Onelife iD account for a long time now and I have to say the products are really durable, over the last few years that I’ve owned them the only things that have happened were the latch on the strap broke, after contacting the Onelife team another clasp was sent straight away.

There’s something to say about a company that helps you after having a product for so long, I was super impressed that the customer service was not only really friendly but very quick in resolving any problems.  If you look at the instructions and follow them correctly there really is no way you can make a mistake.

The only time you may need to buy any replacements is if the details on the tags change, like the contact phone number or the info gets damaged and is unreadable.  Then you just go through the process and order some new bits,  if you subscribe to their News letter you’ll be notified when there’s any special offers or discounts.

So whats my verdict, well I really do like the products I’m currently using.  I’d like to see the info engraved a little deeper but that’s just a minor point.  In terms of comfort I really like them, both the tags and the wrist band are really comfortable, once you adjust the wrist band to the required length then your all sorted.

The web page link is also very clear and easy to read, this is where the Onelife iD steps it up and makes it so much better than anything else on the market.  In fact whilst wearing the Onelife iD products I’ve had a look at any other safety products on the market, the good news is that there is nothing out there that even comes close to the Onelife items.

So lets take a look at the Score’s;

Comfort; 8/10

Design;   7/10

Cost;       7/10

Options;  8/10

Information; 9/10

Over all this is a brilliant idea and warrants a “ Must Have” title from cycle with del.

So before you go and look at any thing else, click on the link below and get your very own Onelife iD products, it could make a difference in saving your life.