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Hi there and welcome to this weeks edition, I hope you’re all well and keeping warm in this colder weather. 

This week I’ll be showing you the recent review of the new guards from Crud, I’ll also be looking at ways to keep spinning during the winter months.  I’ll also be looking at ways to prevent illness that I’ve been researching over the last few months.

I would of had some other bits to show you but unfortunately some companies out there seem to have a different idea about trying them out.  I’ll explain the items I wanted to look at and why I refused to look at them.

Ok let me get started, oh and I just wanted to say thanks again for following me on Strava and liking the Facebook page.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the website and the Youtube channel for up to date releases. 

With the weather closing in and the clocks going back I look at how this will effect the winter rides.  I’m not worried about what the conditions are for going out on the bike, but I have to say I really do find it hard to go out if it is belting it down with rain. 

This wouldn’t be a huge concern in the summer as its more showers than constant rain, but the winter weather has more to contend with.  Not only do you have to think about what you’re going to wear but the weather conditions play a huge part of your safety and health.  This will have a huge impact on the amount of cycling your able to do through the winter, get it right and you’ll do loads get it wrong and you’ll fall behind quickly.

Admittedly when I wake up and its chucking it down I make a decision to train indoors, this is where my rollers come in to full use. ( I’m hoping to have a look at the difference between rollers and a turbo trainer soon so keep watching for this review.)

With the temperature dropping this is where we need to be careful and keep warm at all times.  I’ve learnt over the years that by not keeping warm when I’m out, has resulted in me getting a cold and not being able to ride for ages.

You may feel warm when your actually cycling but its when you stop that your body starts to become prone to illness.  I get hot almost as soon as I start riding, so I wear a Gillet keeping my core as warm as possible.  The only problem here is that I’ll start to sweat which isn’t a problem whilst riding but when I stop I feel the cold instantly.  Its at this moment that you need to make sure you stay warm, as soon as your core temp drops the body will become prone to any viruses or bugs.  So if you stop for a coffee try and sit indoors in the warm, not outside where you’ll loose body temperature.

Once you return from your ride and i’m sure you’ve built up a sweat, it’s important to get out of your cycling kit and into a shower as soon as possible.  Again standing around in wet or damp kit is a sure fire way of becoming ill.  Not only is it important to keep warm but when you finish a ride it’s the one time your body puts all its effort into the recovery.  Rest and keep warm is my tip for first couple of hrs, this should give your body enough time to recover and prevent you from picking up any germs.

The same principal goes for when you train indoors on the turbo or rollers, just because your indoors it doesn’t mean you don’t need to shower as soon as you finished. 

One thing I would always suggest to help keep those dreaded colds away is garlic, not the paste or dried rubbish.  When you do the cooking throw a few cloves into the dish, its been proven that garlic helps prevent colds. 

There’s more to this than you think, I have more than cycling challenges to deal with.

As I mentioned previously I was hoping to have a few products for me to show you. The products I wanted to look at were in the same category and one more and more cyclists are using.  Headphones are becoming more popular with cyclist when their out on their ride, I myself use them and can confirm they help me cover the distances without any problem. 

So what were the products I wanted to look at, well the first ones were a new design.  I say new but the designs been around for a few years now and still not caught on.  So after speaking to a rep at the recent bike show I thought I’d contact them and ask to do a review and show yo all what there like.

What I want to say before I get into the countless emails sent and received I just want to explain what there like.  Whilst at the bike show I was able to have a quick look at them, now I don’t want to mention the brand but its a headphone thats designed to send out sound through your bone structure.  Now when I had a look at these the idea was quite good, however when I actually tried them at the show they felt odd, it’s like they were vibrating really strongly near my ear and it felt uncomfortable.

After seeing these in action at the show I wanted to see how well they really worked out on the road.  I contacted the brand and they were quite friendly and happy to respond to my emails.  What you might not realise is that most if not all companies use a marketing company who deal with the products and who they think can review them.

I was assured that the company would contact me and arrange for me to carry out a product review.  After a week I contacted the company to ask when I would be able to look at the products and test them out on the roads and see how well they work.  It was after this email that I received a response that really surprised me.  They then turned around and suggested I visited a store where they were selling the products and have a look at them.  This was not going to be a true review, what was I going to do ride my bike around the store to see how they worked. 

I replied suggesting an actual trial on the roads would be a great way of showing how well they worked.  I may of well said there a bunch of clowns who have no idea what there doing because I never heard from them since.  This is a marketing company who are in charge of providing a service who asked me to trial the product in a shop….. Unfortunately they still haven’t arranged for me to take a look at these products and if this is the way they operate I cant imagine what the customer service is like let alone how well the product works. 

I then found another product that looked quite interesting, again it was a headphone set up with a difference.  This product has not yet reached the English shores and is only available in the USA, when I took a look at the website I thought it looked quite good, until I read the reviews of their own product.  Considering this was their own website the reviews were pretty bad,  I don’t understand why they would have these bad reviews on their own website.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt I still wanted to have a look a the product and see if it was as the reviews stated. I contacted this company to see if I could have a look at this new idea and they were happy for me to have a look.  This was great news, all I had to do was wait for it to arrive, after two weeks I was contacted by the company to see if it had arrived.  After a number of emails I wasn’t able to take delivery of the product because the company refused to pay the importation tax with customs.

So it looks like I wont be able to bring you these reviews on the two different types of headphones, I really would of liked to try them out and show you what they were like but I guess fate stepped in.

After trying to arrange for me to look at these items I also came up against a brick wall on another item, I wanted to look at a turbo trainer.  The thing is this was a product from the States that employed Planet X to sell for them.  I was then told they are scaling stock down and not placing more orders due to the $ against the £ was so poor.  Is this the start of a bigger picture, just recently Planet X release a statement explaining cutbacks.  If companies aren’t stocking more products from abroad due to the exchange rate.   Does this mean anything thats imported will be harder to get or worse also become more expensive. 

The problem doesn’t end there though, you probably think “ thats Ok I’ll just buy a British product”, well you might have a point.  However where do you think they get the materials from, yep you guessed it….abroad.  Plus we also have to trust the British brands aren’t just taking the piss and charging us a load more cos demand is high.

Next time you go to a pub you’ll be buying bike products from a lorry driver who’s smuggled in the new bike frame and saved you over a grand to get it here.  Maybe it would be an idea to go on a cycling holiday to a country where bikes are cheaper and instead of taking a bike, simply go and buy one there.  Then bring it back when you come home, saving you a shit load of money perfect. 

Just recently I’ve been looking at the new mudguards from Crud,  there’s a full review waiting for you to take a look at in the review section.  I was hoping to keep them on my bike but my wife claimed them for her new bike.   

Talking of guards I believe there are some cycling clubs out there who ask riders to fit them before joining the rides.  I get this and I think its a great idea, but as I don’t get the chance to ride with a club very often I don’t know if all clubs suggest this rule.  Let me know if your in a club and they enforce this idea, what happens if you don’t have them on do they tell you to go ride alone or just tell you to ride at the back. 

A vital bit of kit for all cyclists I’d say, it’s not nice riding in the rain and getting a wet and dirty back.  Have a look at the review and I think you’ll be surprised at how good they are compared to the previous designs. 

I’ll have some news soon on a few new products soon to be released, I cant reveal much at the moment but there’s some great bits soon to be released just in time for the Christmas list. 

Have you booked up for any evens next year, I don’t know if your aware but the well known ‘Human Race’ events team have been absorbed by ‘Le Tour de France’.  This should mean the events next year will have even more to offer, they were brilliant before but this is going to be a whole new level.

Press Release
Human Race Events acquired by Le Tour de France organisers

A.S.O. enter UK mass participation market

Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O), owner of the world renowned Le Tour de France, and organiser of some the biggest runs and sportives in Europe, such as the Paris Marathon and L’Etape du Tour, have completed the purchase of Human Race Events. For the last 26 years South West London based Human Race have been organising many of the UK’s most popular and highly regarded mass participation events, such as the London Winter Run, Windsor Triathlon and Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales.

The new relationship will offer opportunities to further improve participant experiences throughout the 30+ UK events that Human Race run annually, with the prospect of also bringing new and innovative ideas to the UK cycling, triathlon and running markets. In addition Human Race plans to be able to offer its large community of participants unrivalled access and opportunities to participate in the many sold-out events organised by A.S.O. across the world.

A.S.O and Human Race began working together in the joint organisation on the 2015 Tour de Yorkshire Ride, the public sportive that formed part of Le Tour de France Grand Depart legacy. Through this process it became clear that the two organisations had particularly aligned values, both in ways of working as well as their attitudes towards creating incredible experiences for participants. Following this they have gone on to successfully create L’Etape London by le Tour de France as well as bring fresh energy into the famous Dragon Ride, which has also become part of the global L’Etape Series.

The events that Human Race organise are celebrated for welcoming amateur athletes to compete alongside world-class talents such as Chris Froome, Victoria Pendleton and Chrissie Wellington, with the recently announced VitalityMove with Jessica Ennis-Hill set to inspire thousands more to get active alongside a national hero. In addition to helping over 350,000 people complete their personal challenges, the events Human Race organise have raised tens of millions of pounds for charities. The

team also work with some of the world’s most respected organisations such as PWC, Cisco and HSBC to help keep their staff fit and healthy.

The combined event expertise of A.S.O. and Human Race will allow more participants than ever to be involved in the highest quality mass participation events, with both sharing a passion for creating and delivering incredible sporting challenges and together they aim to develop new concepts and enter new regions across the UK. The deal will immediately extend the A.S.O community to over one million people who will have completed one of the now 70 esteemed events in their portfolio.

Human Race were previously backed by Epsilon Partners and Calculus Capital.

Yann Le Moenner, Managing Director of A.S.O.: “The relations forged with Human Race’s teams and the initial projects put together with enthusiasm and efficiency convinced both sides of the possibility of pooling our skills. The challenges that we will be able to meet thanks to this merger are proposing more events to cycling, triathlon and running enthusiasts, inventing new formats and spreading our values in the United Kingdom”.

Nick Rusling, CEO of Human Race: “We developed the business from nothing, twenty six years ago, to now delivering 30 events alongside 22 colleagues and hundreds of incredible event crew and volunteers. Our passion for organising exceptional mass sport event experiences has seen 350,000 customers cross a finish line with us in that time. To be able to continue this journey alongside our new colleagues at A.S.O. is incredibly exciting as they are an exceptional business. Having worked closely with them already for two years, I am confident our beliefs and values are perfectly matched and the participants will be in for a treat with new and improved events in the future”.

You can find more about the events Human Race organise by visiting

Well thats all for this week, I’ll be planning a Winter Warmer Ride soon if any one fancies trying it.  Be warned though it’s going to be a tough one,  I’ll have a box file soon for those who fancy joining me on it in December.

Ok have a good week, please don’t forget to subscribe to the website and You tube channel, also come and join the Cycle with del Facebook page/group.  Till the next time stay safe and Smile 🙂

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