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Hello and welcome to this week’s blog, hope you’ve had a good week and enjoyed the sun.  There’s something special about riding in the sun, the lack of air the feeling of your body sweating beyond your control.  More importantly though, the feeling of being free and seeing sights you would never normally notice.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been enjoying exactly this.  Whilst riding in these brilliant conditions I’ve managed to look at my tyres in great detail.   I also wanted to look at something that I’ve noticed on every big sportive event this year.

Ok let me get on with this weeks edition, so grab a drink and sit back and enjoy this weeks blog.

There’s a few things I like when I take part in a sportive, the route, the organisation and the countless riders taking part in the event.  Whilst riding around with all these cyclist I’ve noticed something that I want to share, this will not only help some but make their cycling better.

One thing I have always learnt when cycling I leant from a great cyclist called Jim.  He explained to me how I should be riding and getting the most out of my legs.  I thought I knew what I was doing but I was miles off.  After riding with Jim on a few rides, he explained the most effective way of riding my bike and how to get the most out of my legs.  Since that day I’ve followed this tip all the way,  which is why when I see others making the same mistake I did, I try and help like Jim helped me.

Understanding the gears on your bike is one of the most complicated parts of any bike, what gears best for what?  Will you look like a stronger rider staying in the higher gears.  It’s exactly this that I need to share with you all, some of you will already know this but I thought I should share it with you anyway.

When should you ride in the big ring? well its exactly this that I see so many cyclists struggle with. There is no regimented answer to this but the proof is how effective the tip is.  I always and I mean always use the inner or smaller ring. The only time I get into the bigger ring is when I’m either on a long flat with the wind behind me and the pace is quick, or if I’m pushing down hill to get some good speed. 

I see so many cyclists riding along putting every bit of strength through the pedals just to keep moving because there in the big ring.  If however they were in the smaller ring and adjusting the gears on the back wheel this would make a huge difference.  Not only would there legs feel better but the average speed would be better as well.  I’m sure you all know the best way of getting the most out of not just your body but the bike is cadence.  Keeping the pedals spinning at a good pace and rotating nice and quick is always best.

  When I see cyclists in the big ring I think back to when I used to do the same,  when I try to explain about the trying to ride with the inner ring I get looked at like a complete arse.  Maybe I look like a complete arse but I’m just trying to make cycling easier and help their legs not strain as much.  After all whats the point of keeping such information to myself, it’s not as though this method is wrong or right.  I can say though I’ve tried it and tested it and it works,  I no longer struggle through the gears trying to move my arse forward.

Some of you may disagree with what I’m saying here but the fact of the matter is that pushing yourself in the bigger ring wont make you a stronger rider.  What it will do is over strain the leg muscles and put the body under strain. 

You may want to ride in the big ring but at least try my method for a while and see how it improves your riding.

After riding on Conti Gatorskins since I started cycling I needed to make a decision on my next tyre.   With so many out there on the market I had plenty to choose from.  Well I found a brand that will give Conti a run for their money. 

Check out the review of these tyres in reviews, and let me know what you think, but you need to have tried both sets. 

Its always a tough choice and we fall into the mindset of getting what we know but if we don’t change once in a while you’ll never be able to see the difference.  For the review of these tyres there’s a button at the bottom of the page taking you straight to the review.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching the Olympics and how well all the countries have been doing.  Wow there are some truly inspiring athletes out there showing us whats achievable if we put our minds to it.

I’d like to think there’s a few athletes out there who follow the website but this is to all of you who have either trained with or are an Olympic athlete “ Well done on what you’ve achieved “ no matter where you finished or what you took part in, all of us here commend you and your efforts.

Which brings me onto some other sports that could be included in the Olympics,  for instance they have long distance sailing and marathons but what about long distance cycling.  Before you say they have cycling events, I mean really long cycling like the cross country ones but non stop. 

One where the cyclist has to ride 1000 miles in less than 4 days with minimal stops, now thats an epic ride.  Or how about an endurance race like Lemans but around a track with limited riders and the same bike.  Or an event where the cyclist has to do both long distance over rough terrain or desert, followed by some huge mountain climbs finished off with a fast downhill through the woods.   Now I’d be right up for this where the same rider does all three sections.  This would be brilliant as everyone would have a strength in a different area.

It’s just a thought but wouldn’t it be great to watch, I would love to try it out for sure.  Plus it gives me the chance to get some more bikes…… lol who doesn’t want more bikes.

As you may be aware were getting closer the the challenge of challenges, to hit 10,000 meters on the same hill in less than 24 hrs.  Well as a result of this I’ve made the decision to not drink any alcohol leading up to it.  This is going to be a big challenge on it’s own as I love a few pints in the evening, or a few glasses of red wine.

The reason for this is to make sure I’m in the prime fitness to complete this challenge, plus I’m just recovering from a huge cold.  So I want to be ready and not feel fat or groggy on the day of the challenge. I’ll be writing about the challenge in the next week or so just to help you see how Epic it really is.

Also just before the challenge I’ll be attending the Bike Show at the NEC in Birmingham.  This should be a great show but there are a few stands that aren’t there that were at the London bike show.  So which is better, well I’ll find out and of course I’ll let you know which is the best one to attend. 

Also I’ll be taking part in another challenge with a few other cyclists riding from Margate to Weston Super Mare in less than 24hrs in October, I’ll have more info on this ride a bit closer to the day.  I’m guessing this will be the last event for this year and the training can then begin for the rides next year.

Hope you have a good week please let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget to follow the “cyclewithdel” Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Strava.  Till the next one stay safe and remember Smile 🙂

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