When it comes to choosing a GPS, unit you would think its quite easy and why not theres a fair few to look at.  Well if you haven’t bought a Mio Cycle 505HC after my last review then maybe you might want something with a few less functions.

One thing I have noticed is that the Mio are more than just a GPS unit, the quality and diversity that Mio offer is something else.  Mio don’t just want to sell you a GPS unit, oh no they want to create a family that will allow you to work and share your rides and routes with all other Mio owners.

When I first received the Mio Cyclo 200 there was a noticeable difference compared to the 505HC.   The size of the 200 is probably the most obvious difference you notice.  Then there’s the quality, it maybe the simpler version in the Cyclo range but you would never know unless you have the 505HC to compare it.

So how different was the 200 compared to the 505HC, why would anyone want to get the 200 over any other Cyclo unit well I wanted to find out.  I also wanted to see how well it compared to the others in build and durability.   After trying my hardest to break the 505HC and failed , I was going to put the 200 through even harder tests.

I want to see how well 200 stood up to a cyclists needs and expectations, so let the tests begin.

When I opened the package I noticed the 200 was slightly bigger than I expected.   I guess this is because its the 200 and with it being the lower number one assumes it’ll be smaller.  Well its not and this is brilliant in the simplest of ways, when you get the 200 you assume it’ll be smaller resulting in a compromise in functionality and usability.  With it hitting the shelves at a price of £149.99 and the 505HC being £400 you would expect a big difference in the units.

So what does the 200 come with,

Easy and user friendly Navigation, with easy to operate buttons via the touchscreen display and simply menu functions.

Cycle paths and road maps pre-instated, this enables you to literally take it out the box and go cycling.

Surprise Me feature, you can choose form 3 of the different routes the Cyclo 200 offers you as a surprise.

POI’s, quickly access the closest food and drink stops as well as emergency facilities or bike shops.

Desktop applications, an easy way to manage and share your routes you design and ride.

Where am I,  showing you exactly where you are if you decide to come of the designated course.

Water resistant (IPX5) allowing you to ride in all weather conditions.

Long-life rechargeable battery, giving you 10hrs+ performance.

Measure everything you need when out on the bike from speed, time, calories burned and so much more.

It also comes with a AC + USB charger and standard bike mount, there’s an out front mount available from the Mio store if you want one.

So whats the difference and why would you want to have the Mio Cyclo 200 over any of the Garmins.  Well for starters the software is brilliant.   Admittedly when Mio first entered the cycling scene there were a few teething issues.  However and it’s a big HOWEVER they have improved the software so much I could not fault it.  The Mio developers have created such a smooth system the mapping and directions are instant, even when you take a wrong turn or want to change the route mid ride it corrects instantly.

Along with the clear screen and mapping functions every Mio really does stand out over any other GPS unit, one area I noticed that the Mio offers over any other unit is the option to change the screen and mapping appearance.  Compared to the other Cyclo range it’s a simpler version that is for the more social rider or those who don’t really want to know all the technical details.

If you want a unit that can direct you to any destination or route you choose giving you the simple stats along the way then here you are.  This unit does exactly that and throws in a few little extras along the way.

I tried everything when I first received the 200 to try and trip it up.   I thought that if I pressed all the buttons at once and turned it on and off repeatedly it would cause it to freeze, well no such luck so I moved onto the next test.  I want to see how durable it was whilst out on the bike, I strapped it to the handlebars and went over some of the roughest roads I could find on my gravel bike.   I was I guess off road and trying to see how it faired in the woodlands and cobbles.  Expecting the vibrations through the bike to have some kind of effect on the unit I pushed myself and the unit to the best of my riding skills off road.

As you can probably guess it had no effect what so ever and the only problem I encountered were my aching wrists from all the impact.  The 200 was starting to impress me more than I expected,  I went out in some of the worst weather I have ever been riding in to see how it faired in the worst of weathers.  The only thing I could find was that my cold hands and fingers took a couple of touches to the screen to get a response, this was not a big deal but could annoy you if you wanted to touch the screen every five mins to see a different screen.

As with the 505HC the 200 has the same menu screen, this is a really easy system to use and operate.  From the home screen you can create a profile and enter all the settings you need to get the correct information back to you.  It’s here you’ll also find the main features like ‘Surprise Me’, ‘Settings’, ‘Navigation’, ‘History’ and ‘Tracks’.

Like the 505HC you can taylor the info screen to have what ever you want displayed, from elevation, distance and speed along with a few more options.  There aren’t as many choices as the 505HC but thats the joy of this unit, it keeps it simple so you don’t need to get confused with to much useless info.  If you want all the extra info and details then get the 505 or the 505HC but if you want a nice simple unit thats got all the basic features then the 200 is the one you want.

With some of the other brands currently on the market they are trying to keep the units small and compact, all this does is makes it hard for you to see where your going and see the details of the ride you need.  The 200 is clear and easy to see in all weather conditions, with the bigger screen there’s not need to loose concentration on the road by looking at the screen.

On a couple of occasions I accidentally dropped the unit whilst stopping for a break, concerned that the screen or the insides may have been damaged in the fall I looked at it carefully to see there was no damage at all.  If you wanted a nice little rubber case these are available at the Mio website as an extra.

Whilst testing the Cyclo 200 I went to every effort to try and see how it compared to the more advanced 505HC and I was happily surprised to find it did really well. From the size of the unit to the clear screen, the operational use was no different.  The only real differences were the reduction in features, there’s no ANT+ or Bluetooth.  It doesn’t have the Shake and Share or some of the navigational options as the 505HC but this doesn’t compromise the function or operation of the Mio Cyclo 200 in any way.

The Battery lasts really well from full charge and the easy set up on the computer was just as simple, this is an area where some may frown when it comes to connecting it to the computer.  Don’t worry at all it’s so easy I asked my 10yr old daughter to do it and within 5 minutes we were all ready with it all linked to Strava as well.

Like all the other Cyclo’s you can link all you’re rides through to Strava with out any fuss.  All you need to do is plug it into the computer and open the Cyclo Agent app.  Once you open this the Mio unit does all the work for you.   You can also download routes to the unit from here and plot your own course.

So whats my verdict, well Mio have created a truly amazing product that does exactly what you want.  Why would I choose a Mio over any other brand out there, well this is easy and its easy for a number of reasons.  If you need to speak to customer services they are one of the easiest departments I have ever got through to.  Once you get through to an operator they are really helpful in the set up prices or trouble shooting should you ever require it.

Most cyclist don’t know about the Mio range and to be honest I never until a year ago.  Now I’ve seen the products and seen how they compare to the others currently on the market, I would not use anything else.  Some cyclist will always say “ Use Garmin they’ve been around for years”, well they might have but so have Mio.  The only difference is Mio have been looking at making less units with better working components.

These cyclist who stay with the other brands have never used a Mio and if they did they would realise the Mio stands out miles over anything else.  They may not be the cheapest but they are by far the best out there.   If you spot another Mio user, you know there a serious cyclist who looks for the best.

The Cyclo 200 is perfect for the cyclist who wants to get brief information about there ride and know they had the reliability of the easy to see screen and reassurance of the detailed maps to get them to where they want to go.   I really did like the way the Cyclo 200 felt,  even though its the smaller sister of the 505 it’s actually a bit bigger and a lot easier to work.  This is mainly due to the fewer features the 200 has but its the perfect unit for anyone getting into cycling or who doesn’t need all the extra features.

Linking it to the web is as easy as you would like it to be, I really do like the software Mio operate and every time you plug it in it checks for updates.

So whats the ‘Cycle With Del’ score, rather than do individual scores I’m going to give it an over all score.  This is due to the fact its a very good unit, if you want a good GPS unit and don’t want to spend a lot of money you can’t go wrong with the Cyclo 200 this is a brilliant unit and at brilliant price. So I would give this 9/10 and defiantly recommend it.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the review, there is no other unit to have than a MIO.