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On Friday a group of friends, a few strangers and I are attempting the London 2 Paris 24 hour bike ride, in aid of a wonderful inspiring little boy called Archie.

Trying to cycle from Marble Arch in London down through Kent to Newhaven, arriving in Dieppe and continuing through the night to Paris by 4pm Saturday. Almost 200 miles along the Avenue Du Verte. On the Sunday, we run the Paris Half Marathon!!

Archie Pearson & Batman


Archie has a disease called MPS, an illness that effects his genes and growth, bones, organs etc. Each week Archie undergoes dialysis to try and help his body. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Archie since he was born, 8 years later, countless hours of operations, treatments, dialysis, hospital visits, wearing a body brace and consultant visits, I have NEVER heard Archie complain once!!!! He is simply inspiring, puts my life and others into perspective and drives me on to achieve great things with belief and ability. Regardless of Archie’s ailments, he continues to do the things other kids want, football, scootering down the driveway, playing on the garden swing and racing bikes in the garden.

London2Paris24 hour

All cyclists know how tough a 100 mile ride can be, so 200 miles will be tough, add the weather forecast of 2 degrees, strong winds and sleet/rain and it becomes another challenge. We are raising vital money for the MPS Charity and with Archie in mind, your support means so much. Every penny counts so please sponsor the challenge, even a pound and a support message will mean a lot.

The 24 Hour Cycle Challenge – London 2 Paris

The Bike Ride is GPS trackable with locatoweb

London 2 Paris 24 Hour Bike Ride


Batman Archie Pearson and Jason Seo Smith

Batman Archie & Jason on Marathon 6 during 7 in 7 days




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