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Hello and welcome to this weeks Blog,  I’v been getting myself ready for the next sportive event.  Plus I’ve been looking at the big Challenge and the prep required, with the most popular months for sportive are you taking part in any.

I’ve also been in touch with Trek this week with a few issues and happy to reveal there response, which was nice to see and really helpful.

I’ve also been looking at ways to improve our safety whilst riding, so let me get on with this lot and I can get ready for my weeks break.

Over the last week I’ve seen some cool bits, one of them was the new bike from Trek.  This looked lush but it’s only a frame, what I’d like to see is more style in the frames and maybe a little change in the frame shape. 

Over the last few years the frame’s on most bikes haven’t changed a great deal, most frames now look very similar to the other brands out there currently on the market.  OK you have the aero frames and the touring but where cane they go from there.

I’d like an aero frame myself and I still love the look of the Cervelo and the Propel, but I’m not over keen on Giant.  I’d love a Cervelo or Dogma but I’d be afraid to ride it in all honesty, if I lived where the weather was good all the time and I never had to worry about all the crap on the roads then I might think about it.   With our roads though and the poor weather I’d never want to take it out.

Anyway the other thing I saw whilst looking through the social media pages was a little fun thrown onto a bike.  It looks good but I wouldn’t want it on my bike personally, take a look for yourself.

It’ll be interesting to see what the bike designers are going to do with the frames next year, I cant see them changing anything other than the location or position of the brakes.  I think we’ll end up seeing more changes with the components,  I hope to see some more tech and the wireless systems improved.

brake mount

Action Cams

action cam

When it comes to rider safety I’d like to think I’m pretty good, however there is one thing that seems to be used more than ever.  Yep you guessed it ‘Cameras’, now I use my Go-Pro on the odd occasion to make the odd video of an event or training session but not so much on the bike for safety.

Why don’t I use it on my frame to record my ride you might ask and I’ll tell you, the battery life is crap.  Plus recording the whole ride is not only boring but uploading it to edit is a killer, even if you have a super fast mac it still takes a while to transfer the data. 

This is why when I make a video I record sections of it, but is it worth keeping a camera on the bike for safety.  In short the answers yes, but it’s a case of do you really feel that a camera on you’re bike is going to make much difference.

I’ve looked at a few different cameras over the years and yes the quality is brilliant for the size of the cameras.  As I mentioned I use the Go-Pro for my cycling but I’m always looking for a better and more versatile camera to replace it.  I looked at the Garmin Verb Elite which was a great camera in the way of use and the mount was the best yet but and theres a big but.  The problem with the Verb was that Garmin tried to get to complicated with it and built in a GPS locator.  This sounds cool I know and the theory was great but the actual fact is it never really worked.

What they claimed was that you could record a ride and then when you edit it you could show the speed and location of your ride.  However when you edited it on the computer the information was lost between the two, you could see the footage but the location and speed along with any other info was incorrect.  So this made it a huge pain in the arse to edit and a waste of time having this information on the camera.

I recently contacted Shimano about having a look at there new Actin camera, now this unit looks quite nice but thats as far as I managed to get.  After contacting Shimano to ask if I could have a look at the action cam and cover it on the website they basically said “NO”.  I wasn’t going to stop there.  I contacted the main factory and asked them, who said this seems like a great idea, I was passed the details to the UK marketing team for Shimano at a company called ‘Madison’.

This turned out to be a huge pain in the back, after countless calls to the head of the Shimano team I was unable to get through to them.  They were either away or not answering, so I emailed and nothing.  I then asked the receptionist for the next best person to speak to, feeling confident after speaking with Shimano head office I was hopeful.  This ended rather quickly after yet more unanswered calls and eventually an email saying, Were sorry but there are no units available at this time.Good luck with the website.

That was it, so I can’t tell you any more than that, which in a way I’d hate to contact them with a problem because I feel there would be nobody to help out.

So for now if you want an action cam I’d still recommend the Go-Pro but its mount is a pain in the arse and the battery is crap.  I’m hoping to see a new action camera at some point hit the market that’ll be easy to use with a better mount.


I’m trying to do a few events this year and as you may remember I’m taking part in the Ride London event at the end of the month but first I have a more local ride.   This time I’m going back to the root of my cycling and where it all started of me and the ‘Cycle With Del’ website.

The Great Weston Ride was my first ever sportive and big ride, at the time I rode this with an old boss and friend who was also a stranger to cycling,  ( and not been on a bike since I’d like to add ).   Still it’s where I first found my love and passion for doing sportive events and meeting all those taking part.

So on the 17th July I’ll be revisiting the sportive that got me into the sport of cycling, this time though there’s a few changes to the event.  When I took part for the first time there was only the one route which was about 56 miles, now though I think there’s about 6 different routes which will open it up for a load of cyclists.

First things first though I have a holiday I’m going on this week so I can rest my legs and get some much needed family time.  Then I’ll be fresh and ready for the rides coming up, if you’ve never don’t the Great Weston Ride before I highly recommend it.  Its a great event with a brilliant finish with a load of different bits there, including a bar…..ummm recovery beer.

If you want someone to ride with your more than welcome to join me and the others if you want, and when we get to the end we can enjoy a nice cold pint.  I’ll be wearing my Mio kit and of course you’ll see the tattoos on my legs, please feel free to come over and say hi I’d love to meet you all and get a picture with you all.

Here’s the link to The Great Weston Ride

Hope to see you all in a couple of weeks, if you’re not able to get there there’s always the London ride and failing that my challenge. I’ll have more details on this soon and I will defiantly need your help then.

Well I need to get a few bits done before our vacation, I’ll be writing about the big challenge over the next week so you can see lust what it is well be doing and how hard it really is.  Plus I should have some new bits arriving over the next couple of weeks, if they arrive that is. 

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Till the next time keep riding stay safe and remember Smile 🙂

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