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Hello and welcome to the New Year, I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed over indulging, its all over now so its time get back into the groove and start 2017 with some miles.

Over the years I’ve met some great companies and 2016 has been packed full of them, so to start 2017 off I want to show you some great new bits.

Looking for a product that warrants a review is harder than you think, however over the last couple of weeks I met with a couple of companies that have some brilliant products, you’ll be able to read more about this further on in this weeks blog.

Over the next few months I’ll be releasing the following reviews that any cyclist or sports person will enjoy and may even find really useful.  Here’s a list of products I’m looking at currently, The Suunto Spartan Sports Watch, Tailfin Bike Rack System, AbsoluteBlack Oval Chain Rings and a new bike from Sublime Cycles Ltd.

So with no further delay let me get on with this weeks edition.

Zoku Sublime

In order for me to keep the website going I need to provide content for you to check out and continue coming back for more.  Looking for products that we as cyclist would use is always a bit of fun, I get to look at a few things but not all of them pass the testing stage’s.  Unfortunately there is a load of bits out there that I wouldn’t let in my workshop, let alone on my bike.  So when I manage to find a product that goes through these different levels of testing, I get quite excited.   

Recently I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting two companies local to the CWD HQ, my first meeting was with a company who seem to have re invented the wheel.  Tailfin are part of the Kickstarter program who seem to have made the pannier and bike rack set up not only cool but better than expected. 

I met the owner of Tailfin and had a good look around at what’s soon to be released in the new year.  This really is a great product that will fit on any bike and will make all the difference when you want to go on a long ride or even the commute to work.  Tailfin have made a huge design change to the whole bike rack system, I’ll have more on this over the next few weeks after putting it through even more tests.

The other meeting I had was arranged via social media, sounds like some dating thing when I write it like this, anyway the great feeling that there are friendly and helpful cyclists out there.  Sublime Bikes ltd caught my eye a while back ,when I noticed one of there really great looking frames. Social media is a great way of showing off what you have and when I saw this bike I understood why it was in all of his pictures. 

Sublime Bikes consists of two mates who decided that their love for bikes was a great reason to share their knowledge with everyone else.  So they decided to create the company know as Sublime Bikes Ltd.

Recently I met Matt who’s one part of Sublime Bikes and he was good enough to allow me the chance to try out the new frame named Zoku.  Before I go any further I want to say both Nick from Tailfin and Matt are a true inspiration to any cyclists out there.  They really are the friendliest cyclists I’ve ever met.  So if you see this lads ( probably too busy ) but if you do, thanks for being so friendly and helpful.

I invited Matt to my home/workshop in the hope of taking a look at the new frame called Zoku, I was chuffed to bits when he brought the new frame which looked amazing.  I mean after looking at the huge amount of bikes at the recent bike show’s, I was pleased to see a bike with some thought of practicality put into it.  I’m not saying the larger brands don’t consider what us the cyclists wants but when you see very little changes in the bikes over the last few years, it seems like its more about profit and not better designs. 

What I mean by this is the first thing I noticed with the Zoku was the style and colour.  Sublime bikes allow you to have more involvement in your bike than you could imagine.  Once you’ve spoke to them and discussed the frame size you can then choose what group-set you want added.  Not only that you can also choose how you want it painted.   I think there’s a selection of colours scheme’s to choose from but you will have a one off bike that will not be replicated in mass.   

This is a great idea, if I can have a bike thats designed around what I want, put together with the groups I want and to top it off personalised in the colours I want, it’s a no brainer.  The other thing I noticed was when I went to move it before taking it out for a ride, holy hell I nearly lifted the bike through the ceiling.  This was one light bike and yes the first thing I thought when I felt how light it was, is it going to be all over the place when I’m riding it.  Well I don’t want to reveal too much just yet but it was good, really good and you’ll want to read the review for more in-depth details. 

I’ll have more about this great bit of kit over the next couple of week’s after I’ve finished riding it more and putting it through its paces.  I need to make sure I cover some good miles on it first, there’s no shabby reviews here.  Thats probably why some companies don’t want me to look at their products because they know I’ll pick them to pieces if they are no good.

Through 2017 I’ll be looking at some great new products, not only will I be able to share the further development from Talifin but the continuing growth of the Sublime range.  Also through 2017 I know there’s going to be a load of new products that I cant tell you about just yet but I’m sure most of you out there will want one.

With the help of social media I get to see a huge amount of you out riding in what looks like a brilliant bright sun.  Yep obviously these pictures are of those in the hotter countries, which makes me super jealous especially when its so cold here at the moment.  Plus our roads seem to be constantly wet and slippery even though its not been raining.  When I say slippery I mean dangerously slippery, which I really do hate, plus how many of you out there suffer with cold toes.   Luckily I have some really good over shoes but I know there’s a load of you who have tried everything to stop the cold toes.  I even know of cyclists who have used everything from silver foil over their toes to wrapping their feet in plastic bags.  I’ve only ever had cold toes once and it was enough to make me go out and buy decent overshoes to prevent this harsh feeling happening again. 

For 2017 I’ll be hoping to do a tour looking for new places to ride, I’ve had a few invites to come and ride your roads, so I’ll be taking you up on this offer if they still stand.  I’d love to come and see where you ride to and look at the scenery you get to enjoy, which I guess helps you take your mind off the legs shouting at you in pain.   

I’ll be doing a few big rides anyway this year and if you want to join me you’re more than welcome to come along.  If you fancy a bit of company for a ride out one day let me know and send me a message, we can then make arrangements to meet up and you can show me the roads.   I don’t mind traveling and I’ll kip in the van, so no distance is to far.   I’ll look forward to hearing from you and hopefully joining you on a ride out.

I’ll also be looking at doing the Jogle at some point this year over a space of 5-7 days, this I think will also be a special ride and may be even longer if my plans work out.  I cant say much at the moment as I’m still working on this but if it all comes off, it’ll be good for all who are able to join us for a few miles.  I’ll have more news on this at a later date, one ride I’ll defiantly be doing is the “Chase The Sun” ride in one day.  This looks like a great ride where you ride from one side of the UK to the other, starting as the sun breaks the skyline and finishing before it goes down.  Cant wait to do this one, I think its about 300 miles before the sun goes down.  I cant wait to do this one, plus I get to meet Micheal and have a ride out with him and his mates. 

If you fancy a ride up this neck of the woods let me know and we’ll sort something out, there’s a few slight hill’s though but I’ll help you with that.  With a few iconic land marks it makes for great cycling, so if you want a nice change of scenery and ride down gorges and through some of the longest tunnels let me know. 

This year I’ll have a Challenge for you all to have a go at, this will be something you can all have a go at and challenge others along the way.  I’ll give you more on this in a few weeks, lets get that back into the groove first.

I want to say thanks again for subscribing to the website, I’d also like to say well done for riding all those miles over the last year and getting more cyclists on the road.  At some point over the last year a large number of you’ve used cycling to not only push yourself but to help raise a load of money towards a charity of some sort.  Your all brilliant for this and I hope you’re able to continue helping raise a load of money for charity.

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I’ll also have coming soon my biggest improvement on my bike that not only helps my cycling but has helped with my cramp.  The Oval chain rings from AbsoluteBlack, what a product and what a difference.  I don’t know why more cyclists don’t use them, but after the last 6 months of using them I’ll not go back to the conventional round rings.   I’ll have more on this in the product review being released shortly, so make sure you catch this one and see why they’ve  made such a difference to my cycling.

Thanks for following me for another year and I’ll have some brilliant bits coming in the New Year.  So till then have a great break and I’ll see you on the other side.   Oh if you fancy a ride out over the next few weeks let me know I’m off the whole time….

See you all soon and remember stay safe and Smile 🙂

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