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Hello and welcome to ‘Cycle With Del’, I hope you’ve had a good week and liked the recent blogs from the team.  So whats new, well I’ve been enjoying the Tour de Yorkshire on telly recently even though there are bits that annoy me.

I’ve also been given some bits to auction off, to raise money for my charity and the Challenge we’re looking to complete in September.  It’s only now that it’s really started to sink in how hard the challenge really is, so if you want to help then please let me know or make a donation on my fundraising page. I’m also looking to set up a ride out on a weekend, to help raise money towards the charity.  It’s not going to be a flat ride, so if you don’t think you can manage then I’ll understand.  If you fancy a little 60 miler, with a few cheeky little lumps thrown in then keep reading.

Before I get on with this weeks blog, I’d like to say thanks to a few people first, well all of you really.  I post on a number of social media websites, mostly on Facebook and Twitter.  I’d like to say thanks to you all for following me and the team and liking the ‘Cycle With Del’ page and group which is growing all the time.  I’d also like to say thanks for following me on Strava and all other media platforms.  All I want to do is share my rides and review products, so you have somewhere to go to get an idea of what there like.  Please continue to like and share my pages with all friends and family.

OK so now the weathers getting better I thought I would do a few more videos for you all, at least this way I can’t balls my Grammar up as much.  Lets get on with this weeks events.

Over the last week I’ve been looking at a few little bits, some make it to the website and a large amount don’t.  The reason for this is, well there crap.  I get e-mails from companies around the world asking me to look at their products,  don’t get me wrong I’m all for looking at them but I have to drawn a line at some point.

That line is where it gets a little detailed and I really do have to spend some time looking at a number of things.  For example would you as a cyclist be happy if I said there was a great cheap product like a pair of gloves that were cheap.  Then after two rides they fall apart and hurt your hands, you’d be pissed that I recommended them.

So when I get a product sent to me I have to put it through the tests and more that a cyclist would expect them to stand up to.  This has however caused a few companies to suggest I’m putting the products through tests that a cyclist would not undergo.  Well tough, if the products these companies send me survive the tests and endurance expected then they will for sure be welcome on my website so you can see how good they are.

With this in mind I’m currently looking at a Thule Pannier and rack system which I have to say is already one of these products that sets a big difference to the rest.  The main reason for me to mention this to you is to make you aware of all the cheap copies that are hitting the market places currently.  Please Please be careful where you buy your products from and always look at trusted sources first before you buy any second hand products.

Support your local bike shop or if you have to look at the bigger online shops, it’s the cheap copies on e-bay that seem to be getting more and more common.  I’ve seen a fair few items on there that when you first look at them they look great and at a good price.  It’s not until you look a bit closer and into the sellers details as well as feedback you may notice a few differences, China seem to bouncing a load of products out but who monitors this.

I know most of the kit in shops is made in other countries but surely there must be some kind of standard these items should conform to, be it original or not.  Maybe if the original kit was a bit more competitively priced then those out there who buy through cheap prices would probably look at the original kit and this applies to bikes more than anything.

When I first set up the Cycle With Del website I wasn’t sure how well it would do, in fact I honestly thought nobody would look at it.  Well I was pleasantly surprised when I started to see you all coming on and reading my blogs and reviews, I’m so grateful for you all coming back all the time I wanted to do more.

I’ve looked at a number of websites and there all slightly different, Cyclewithdel sets itself from the others because it is more personal.  Not only that I want to try and make the website somewhere you can come to see a range of items, this gave me the idea of setting up my new page “AUCTION”.  From here you’ll be able to register and watch some of the items I have to Auction, not only that all the proceeds from the auction are going to my charity, The Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Come and have a look all you need to do is click the Auction tab at the top of the page and have a look, these items are well worth every penny of your bid.

All the items listed are brand new and all worth a lot of money so I’m giving you the chance to grab a bargain and help a charity at the same time.

It doesn’t stop there, oh no I’ve also added a section in the products page with a new company.  If you go and have a look at the ‘Tailfin’ page and look at the links on there you’ll see what could be hitting the cycling world very soon.  I think it looks like a great idea and personally can’t wait to see it in the making.

If you can think of anything else you’re like me to add to the website then pease let me know, I want to make this the place for you to come and share with other cycling friends.

With the weather getting better I’ve been able to get out a bit more and enjoy some good rides, one thing I have noticed is the huge amount of cyclists on the roads.  What I have noticed along with the growing cyclists is the great coffee stops and tea rooms.

Have you got a pit stop that we should all know about, I know there’s a few around the Somerset area that seem to be getting bigger every time. There’s something quite great about setting out on a ride and making that routine stop for a tea and cake ( or bacon roll ).  I’m not saying it’s the best thing to do if you’re training but it really is a great time to have a chat and meet other cyclist who like the same thing as you.

Just the other day I found a great little tea room whilst out with a mate, brilliant location but I wouldn’t say the coffee was amazing but its hot and wet so it served a purpose.  I don’t know if there’s an app for cycling coffee stops but it would be a great little feature, maybe if it linked to your GPS device and registered as a POI.  This way when your looking at the map you’ll see a tea Icon allowing you the option to stop if you need a well deserved break.

At some point when we’re riding we try and combine it with a good cause, be it for a long road trip or a big sportive.  Well I’m trying to combine as much as I can to raise money for my charity.  Along the way I’m prepared to put myself through a few different ordeals to raise extra money.

The first thing I did was cut my hair short which I was growing for years, making a good start to the fundraising.  Next I’ll be doing what most woman would say men couldn’t cope with,  yep the leg wax and to make worth while I’m going to make a video for proof.

If you want to see this video and help do your bit I’ll release the video on the website as soon as my charity page reaches £300+, so spare a few ££$$ and please help me by donating, you might even like a laugh.

So to get us a bit more prepared for our Everesting Challenge in September a few of the team have suggested a big climb.  When I say a big climb I’m talking about a really well known climb way up in the hills of the Lake District, yep you guessed it Hardknott Pass.

I have no idea about this stretch of road other than its a good hill and one of the steepest around,  I’ve read some bits on the road and know it’s been used in a number of different race’s but reading about it and actually knowing it is something else.  Where ever you live you’ll have a local hill that’s well known and you yourself have ridden it a few times to see if you still have what it takes to get up a steep hill.

If you’ve not pushed yourself to find these hill’s this is one thing I would highly suggest, go and ride it.  Learn how to get up it in one go, don’t think you’ve failed if you have to get off.  No way we’ve all got off and walked on a hill at some point, but make it a milestone to do better the next time.

When you go back to this hill and you ride it a few times to push yourself you get to know every part of this hill, every lump bump and hole in the road.  Where the road gets a bit steeper and where you know you can’t get off or you’ll never get back on.

You may of been one of the great many to have road this well known hill but there’s many that haven’t and would like to,  for hill chasers who wouldn’t with a 20% climb going into a 30% thats a great challenge.  So over the next few weeks I think Jason and a few of us travelling up to the Iconic location to see just what it’s like.  I’ll be making a video of the ride so all of you who want to know more will be able to see it up close, oh and me chuffing my lungs up whilst trying to climb this hill.

If you live close to the Hardknott Pass please come and join us, any help and knowledge is always welcome.  I’ll bring a few bits to giveaway for any of you who manage to come along.  I’ll let you know when were looking to make this trip, it’ll be a weekend and possibly over the next few weeks as I’m not working then.

I hope the weather stays good for you all and you all had a good weekend, if you took part a sportive over the weekend I hope it went well.  Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this weeks blog and don’t forget to register for the auction, oh and  whilst your there subscribe to the news letter on the top right corner of the page for unto date releases.

Please keep the e-mails coming in with any questions or requests you may have,  don’t forget to like and share the website and please follow me on strava / Instagram / Twitter and Facebook.

Have a good week and I’ll see you on the next edition, till then stay safe and Smile 🙂

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