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Hello and welcome to this weeks edition,  have I got some bits for you this week.

I’m guessing when we started cycling we all started in a similar way.  I’ll be looking at some bits to try and help all those who have just started to ride a road bike or any bike for that matter.  I’ve also been looking a little more into the Mio 505HC and the extra little features I’ve not really played with that much.

Plus I take a look at some noises we may get on our road bikes,  well some of them the others may be down to you.  With the warmer weather and the amount of big rides coming up I’ve looked into the amount of water I consume during a ride.

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What a great day I’ve had so far, got up late and missed the group club ride so decided to go out on my own.  This was OK apart from the constant headwind I seamed to chase, I dealt with it though not much choice to be honest.

One thing I did notice was a really nice sized house, some would class it as a castle and I guess it could of been when you look at the pictures.  Its called Farleigh House Bath which looks really grand, I thought this would be great to come and stay but its not a hotel.  In fact you won’t believe this but its home to the Bath Rugby club !!!.  It’s massive and I mean huge.  What’s the point of them having such a huge place, you need to have a look but I was shocked.

One thing I did enjoy was the hill’s yep an abundance of ups and downs with no traffic, I love it but felt like I was pushing myself a bit more today.  I’m feeling it now if it’s any consolation, and the chances of me chilling on the sofa are slim.

As you may know next weekend is Fathers day, yep I can do what I want for the day.  Apart from go to my in-laws for a barbecue so my wife can see her Dad, weird but I never had a say in the matter.  I apparently agreed to this at some point, whilst I was asleep more than likely.  I’ll get to ride out in the morning first though.

On the Saturday and Sunday next weekend there’s an event I’ll be checking out called ” The Warminster Wobble.  This looks like a great weekend out and I’ll post more in the week so you can see why you should also check it out.


When I first started to get out on a road bike I used to think I was a real cyclist, I had the cheap kit and the starter bike, I thought I’d never change.  I used to look at all the other cyclists and see what they were riding, stopping for a coffee and bacon roll where all other cyclists would travel to have a break.

It’s when I look back to those days and seeing new cyclists out on the road that I realise how far I have advanced.  One thing I always remember is the love for my first bike, I made sure I cleaned it every time and made sure every part was well greased.  Things haven’t changed even now apart from the bike I’m riding.

One of the things I have always tried to do is support all new cyclists, be it mountain bikes or road bikes were all on two wheels so supporting each other is part of it.  If you don’t know something about your bike just ask,  if you want to learn how to do something on your bike send me an email and I’ll help you out.  Join a club and get to know the members, chances are there’s always going to be someone in there who’s always stripping their bike down and rebuilding it. 

You might of been riding for years and never touched your bike only to wash it down with a hose pipe but what happens if you find a noise appear and you don’t know where its coming from.  Well you have two options, you can either take it to your local bike shop or you could have a look yourself.  Just remember don’t try and force anything off your bike, if it wont come off easy don’t force it. 

It was whilst I was out on my most recent ride that I noticed a noise coming from the bottom bracket, it was only under load whilst going uni hill.  I knew what it was straight away so I was able to ride without putting to much power through the pedals putting as little stress on the bracket as possible.  When I returned home the first thing I did was cleaned the bike, then I stripped the bottom bracket.  Removed the pedals then the crank to reveal the bearings, yep it was as I expected the bearings were done in.

Removing the bearings and getting my local bike shop to order some new ones in gave me the confidence the bottom bracket would be good for another few thousand miles.  This is just one area that you need to keep serviced or you could end up with a rather expensive bill if the bearings fail completely and you have to ride home.

Kmc Chain
Kmc chain close
close up KMC chain

When I started to look at upgrading parts on my trusted road bike there was one area that I was not really sure on.  Would changing the chain make a huge difference if any at all, what’s the difference in an expensive chain compared to a normal Shimano chain.

Well I contacted one of the leading brands to see what they would say when I asked this question, KMC chains  are one of the leading brands in pro chains.  Yes you can get a number of different Shimano chains but why was a KMC chain that much more expensive.

I first tried the KMC chains about two years ago, I’ve always had a shimano chain on my bike and never had a problem until recently when I broke a link.  It was this that made me contact KMC chains, after all I wasn’t wanting to pull my nuts out from my groin again after impairing them on the top tube of my bike.

So I asked KMC chains to help me in my search to find out whats best,  then a few days later I received delivery of my new chain.  It feels a lot lighter and looks a lot nicer than the shim no chain I had on the bike previously. 

I guess the proof is in the peddling, from the look of the chain it looks like its be designed to work in the smoothest way possible with chamfered edges to enable precise gear changes.  I’ll let you know how it goes over the next few weeks but if the pro’s are using them, they must be good.


I’m asked on occasions some odd questions but every now and then I get asked the same question that I cant really answer.  How much water should you drink on a ride, this is down to you.  What you do need to consider though is that there are a number of different things that have an impact on the amount of water you should or could consume.

The amount of time’s I’ve been on a long ride and seen other riders with only 1 bottle amazes me. OK if your going to work and its a few miles then there really is no need for two bottles.  However to take one bottle on a Sunday ride or even an evening ride is just asking for trouble. 

It was just the other day that I was reminded just how important maintaining fluids really are.   I only went on a 43 mile ride but it was a challenging ride which constituted in me consuming more than normal.  So what is normal well this is down to you and only you, there are loads of articles around that tell you how much you should drink and what you should be drinking. 

I like to think that if I’m starting to sweat then I’m loosing fluids,  so I always take two bottles and I’ll have squash in one and electrolights in the other.  As I mentioned the other day I went on a little ride and I never felt to great to start but I went out anyway.  Well I ended up filling my bottles up three times during the ride and at one point I asked someone in their garden if I could use there hose pipe.

It was a hot day and I was doing a lot of climbs but still I kept hydrating and making sure I was never out of water.  I’ve been on a ride before and ran out of water and it’s not good, I would of drank out a puddle if there was one.  Not only that lack of fluids can cause a number of problems that will last a lot longer than a few hours.  Don’t make this mistake its not nice and if its hot it could be dangerous.

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Well the big challenge is getting closer and I’m trying to get hill ready but its a tough one, I don’t want to go and ride a hill constantly or I’ll know just how boring its going to be.  Then again do I need to understand the boredom to be able to deal with the repetitive ride.

Anyway I’m getting out on the bike as often as possible and trying to throw in as many hills as possible.  What I have found whilst doing this is that my wife doesn’t feel the same way about hills as I do.  Weird but I thought she would of stopped riding, instead she seems to be riding a lot more and is even going out without me. WTF……

So I have come to the conclusion she’s not been telling me the truth, in fact I know this is the case because she asked me to set her up on a Strava account. So if you want to follow my wife and see how well she’s doing go to julie mottershaw and follow her. It’ll freak her out if she gets loads of followers, hold on though I don’t want her getting to popular or she’ll take the piss.

It’s great to see more cyclists on the road and seeing my wife enjoy riding along side me is brilliant, but there is one thing that still concerns me.  As you would expect it appears that motorists are becoming more aware of us cyclists, not always in a good sense unfortunately.  There’s still a large number of drivers out there who think that driving really close to you is there way of telling you they don’t like you.

I’d like to think that if our local MP’s and environmentalists out there wanted to do more about reducing the amount of cars on the road, they would of done more.  I mean they seem more concerned about not being part of the Euro (like we really have a say in it) than helping reduce the pollution.

If there was more media presence showing the outcome of a cyclist being hit off because a car hit them it would make them think more about it.  I know some of you won’t agree in this method but being more direct has a greater impact, I want motorists to know that by knocking a cyclist off a bike it has a huge effect on both rider and family.  Plus the Police should serve a larger penalty for any offence. 

Which brings me onto how we can document these moments, with the huge amount of digital cameras available, there’s no reason why we can’t find a camera to strap to our bikes or our person to record our rides.  This way you know you have peace of mind and hat reassurance that you’re doing something to prevent a fatal accident.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be looking at the different types of digital camera and I’m hoping to get my hands on a couple of different cameras to show you what there like and how well they work.  So if you want to take a little extra care then take a look at a digital camera or wait till I have a couple to show you and help make you’re decision.

OK I need to get on with some email’s, I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog.  Please don’t forget to follow me on all social media platforms, you can find me as either ‘del mottershaw’ or as ‘cycle with del’.

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