My name is Gethin and I live in Caerphilly County in South Wales, although I’m originally from Brecon.

I started cycling the same way as many; as a “nipper”, riding 2nd hand bikes everywhere to try and keep up with older brothers & their pals, I managed to ride to the top of Cwm Owen (known to some, I hope) at the age of 10 but on leaving school, joining the army & learning to drive/motorcycle the pushbike was only ever utilised to get home from the pub.

When I was 43 I realised I hadn’t done any exercise since I left the army at 24………………So I thought a mountain bike would be a good idea. Well, I tried it and didn’t enjoy it and since I’ve followed road cycling since a very early age I thought I’d buy a road bike, and bought a Trek 1.1 from eBay in 2012. Since then I’ve ridden over 9,000 miles, lost loads of weight, feel fitter & younger, been a founder member & secretary of a cycle club and become a British Cycling Level 1 Coach. I travel a bit through work so every now and again a trip to Switzerland or Spain allows me to post some interesting routes on Strava, but my favourite rides are around the South Wales Valleys and the Beacons (anyone who thinks they’re the “Brecons” is wrong).

So, I’ve done a bit, I’m not great at any of it but enjoy it immensely. I’m happy to build, fix & fettle most bits and I’m quite a fan of a good “bodge”.

2016 will be all about getting fit for a charity ride in late May/early June when I’ll be cycling 650 kms from Tolochenaz on Lake Geneva to Heerlen in Netherlands in 5 days, watch this space as I’m recovering from a shoulder reconstruction and a very worrying hip “incident” but the idea is to use the power meter I bought last week to get me back up to a good level of fitness while dropping about 5 kilos and breaking 25.00 for a 10 mile TT.

After having spent out over Xmas and on my power meter I won’t be investing in anything significant for a while, but future plans include a TT bike (cheapo job) and a nice Italian frame to build into something special with Campagnolo EPS. The future may be a couple of years away, mind!

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on over coming months and I hope to give you some thoughts on my training, bikes & kit.