How Cycle With Del started and the rider behind the website. I’ll share my whole experience with you, both rough and smooth.

Great you want to know more I guess, that’s why you’ve clicked for more information.  OK what can I tell you that you don’t already know, I have the most amazing family who are super supportive with my cycling.

I love to have fun and laughing is everything, unless it’s about me then it’s just not funny at all…..I’m joking of course.

After getting into cycling I realise there’s more to cycling than a bike and the open road.  This is why I decided to create cycle with del, it’s a lot of work and I don’t always get the response I would of liked.  It appears there’s not as many friendly cyclists out there as I thought, this is the reason I write more and try to give you as much as I can.

I’m no journalist neither am I great at writing but I write to the best of my ability, after so many years of not needing to write I’m slowly getting back into it.  To be honest I was never in it but I can make anything you want.

After so many year’s of never being interested in cycling I was introduced to the world of two wheels.  I can only admit my regret for not finding it sooner, I love it and wish I had found it a lot sooner.

Would I of tried to race, the simplest way to answer this is YES.  I would of loved to race and see how far I could of gone in the world of cycling, unfortunately I’m now in my early 40’s and feel as though that ship has sailed.

On the upside I get to focus my spare time between my girls and cycling, which I can only hope one day I can ride and write as a full time job.  This is my aim and I will make it happen, unless I win the Euro lottery then I’ll do this for fun and get to cycle in all the hill’s around the world.


There’s not really much more to tell you, I enjoy having fun and a laugh when I’m cycling, well all the time I guess.  Happy to learn new things and meet new friends, my love for cycling has created this website and the growth within it.

I don’t have anything to do with negative thought’s and the people who share them, life’s to short to listen to moans and whining so I don’t really have anything to do with these negative things.

My love for music is what helps me when I’m out riding, I don’t think I’d make it as far as I have without it.  If you remember a song or a tune you’ll remember a ride or part of it, so for me (who’s memory is pretty bad) music is my memory fault.

Finding new products seeing what’s coming as well as the bits that look and wont last two mile’s is great fun.  Finding something thats got great cost and customer service makes all the difference so why not tell everyone about it.

I love taking part in the bigger rides, 100+ events and the hotter the better, I don’t mind the rain but I find it hard to force myself out in the rain.  Going on those long events looking at the great sights around the world is just amazing and well worth it.  Which is why I’m looking forward to all my future events with the possibility of maybe one day meeting you and riding along side you.

Before cycling came into my life I was the laziest person out there, I mean I would drive to the shops if they were 100 yards away.  It was through a bet that I actually got onto a bike again, the Great Weston ride was what made me get on the saddle.

After this I then went on to ride as many sportive events as possible, along with the evening and weekend rides.  I was hooked I couldn’t get out enough and if I wasn’t able to get out I would feel a real crappy mood come on.  I needed to ride and that was the way forward.

What I never realised was how it would effect my family, I mean to be away for the day riding when time not at work was limited and luckily my family were supportive of my riding and what it had achieved.

I like to think there’s a point to doing something, I mean whats the point in doing it if nothing comes of it at the end.  So on all the bigger rides I look at raising money for a range of charities, this is something not a lot of people are aware of about me so here you are a first.  Over the last few years cycling I’ve been fortunate enough to raise over £11000 for charity. Thats not including rides I’ve taken part in helping raise money for those events.

This is where I decided that I’ll dedicate every ride to a very special charity, one that has a very close meaning to our family. You can read this information on my “Fundraising ” page.  This is the motivation and point to my rides, after all I’m fortunate enough to have the option.


So how did ” Cycle with Del ” start, well it was a friend and now fellow cyclist that said to me “Why don’t I write about my cycling” So I did I set up a simple blog and it started from there.

I’m no write or journalist and my spelling and gram0r isn’t the best but I don’t claim to be a pro so it is what it is.  I love writing about the rides and the fun we have on them, after all not much point in writing about it if its not fun.

It then expanded to doing maintenance and videos, then product reviews and it’s carried on to where we are today.  This is the cool bit I get around 12-15000 hits a week, with around 680000 followers a year from around the world. Even better is the response I get from you all and the emails and messages you send me.

So I thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs and check out the website, I hope you share it with you’re friends and family.  I really do enjoy cycling and writing about any thing cycling related.

What tops it off the most is the huge amount of friends Ive gained from cycling, you can never have to many friends, if your ever out and about never be afraid to approach me and say hi I’d love to meet you all and join you on a ride one day.

OK I’m going to get on now I’ve reviews to do, take care and stay safe.