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Just a brief bit of information about ourselves and who we are, after all were no different to anyone else we just write about it and share our stories and products with you.

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Hi there, as you may of guessed from the picture I’m Del.  Hello and welcome to a bit about me.

Just click the read more link to find out more, if you want to that is.

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I am Lewis,

I currently work as a gym instructor and have done this for around 6 years.  I enjoy pushing myself and teaching people how to get closer to their goals, I am a keen cyclist and enjoy running, swimming and weight training.

I started training about 7 years ago, I started out running and built myself up to doing an ultra marathon. I then went onto training for triathlons. In the last two years I have gone onto cycle touring, I have done Barcelona to Bordeaux, and recently completed my hardest challenge of cycling from Canada to Mexico.

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Hi I’m Micheal,

I’ve been following Del for a while now and really enjoyed the reviews and blogs he wrote about.  So much so I’ve even made a few purchases on his recommendations.

After watching Del’s reviews I understood what Del was trying to do, why not help others the way Del is by sharing the products we buy in a review.  I’m glad to be part of a huge community and love the spirit this website has towards all cyclists.

I hope you enjoy my videos and if you have anything you’d like me to review  please let us know.

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Jason Smith

Jason is an endurance athlete and met Del when asking him for advice regarding a Cycle of Britain Challenge (Jogle & Coast to Coast). Since 1999 Jason has entered the Record Books for a sleep deprivation challenge, has ran 7 marathons in 7 days, climbed Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro and would climb Everest if he ever found a sponsor or team partner.

Each year Jason sets out various challenges, his bucket list seems to grow and yet every year he is able to achieve his goals with friends and fellow team members, Jason says “it’s not about the destination, but the journey”. Jason tends to blog about his personal experiences, advice and tips to help others. 2015 was his first year of cycling, Jason achieved over 4,000 miles and successfully completed the “Cycle of Britain” with the help from “Cycle with Del” cycle workout programmes.


My name is Gethin and I live in Caerphilly County in South Wales, although I’m originally from Brecon.

I started cycling the same way as many; as a “nipper”, riding 2nd hand bikes everywhere to try and keep up with older brothers & their pals, I managed to ride to the top of Cwm Owen (known to some, I hope) at the age of 10 but on leaving school, joining the army & learning to drive/motorcycle the pushbike was only ever utilised to get home from the pub.

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