Riding in the winter is OK but it has it’s drawbacks, the cold and wind are part of it but the worst is the rain.  I have to say I can’t think of anything worse than stepping out the front door into the rain before the rides even started.

Well I’ll be looking at one area that all cyclists who venture out in the wetter weather require.  Yep the Mudguard is something that every bike needs in the wetter weather, if only to help reduce the amount of water you get in you’re shoes.

Over the years I’ve looked at a number of different types of mudguard and there are a load of different one’s out there.  If you want to spend loads of money and I mean loads £100+ then you’ll find the best out there.  However why spend that sort of money on a product that is designed to stop you getting any wetter. 

I mean there only there to reduce the excess water going up your back or in your shoes, so why blow a load of money on some mudguards.  Last year my favourite cheap mudguard was the Crud Catcher Mk2, coming in at a reasonable £30 not only were they very affordable they were also easy to install.

So what could better than the well known and popular Crud Catcher Mk2’s, well the Crud Catcher Mk3’s.  Some brands make changes and they seem OK but Crud have made a complete overhaul and design change.   The first thing I noticed was the solid and sturdy design, the previous guards had a number of attachments and fixings which meant you had to be quite precious as to where you located them.  So when the new guards arrived I was impressed with the solid design and fixing, this resulted in a much stronger and rigid guard.  Rather than using adjustable arms with rubber bands to go around the frame the new design is one solid guard.  The arms are moulded into the guard which gives the guard a stronger feel and makes fitting a lot easier.

Not only were do the guards look a lot better they also looked slightly longer and wider, this meant they would work on most if not all styles of bike.   The new design never stopped there though, oh no they’ve only gone and knocked it out the park with the new mounting system.   

FEATURING DUOTEC© ‘INTERLOC’ FIXING SYSTEM… NO TOOLS NEEDED, this is what appears to be a more durable fixing.  It looks like a plastic style velcro setup that is both easier to clean and easier to attach. Once the frame is clean with the alcohol wipes provided you simply attach the fixings.  Once there on the frame where the guard will be situated you can have them on in less than 5 minutes. Taking them off is also super simple and makes these the easiest guards to fit.  If you want to remove the fixings all you need to do is heat the fixings up slightly with a hair dryer and they’ll peel straight off.  Replacement fixings are available at the Crud website if you want to put more fixings on other bikes. 

Now there’s always going to be someone out there who would like them a little longer or need to trim them off slightly, well the new design has thought of this and you can trim the guards to how you want them by using some nail scissors or a dremel.   Crud really have been looking at what the cyclist wants and done something about it, once these guards are on the bike they feel really solid.  This is a brilliant design with the simplest fitting I’ve seen yet. 

So what don’t I like then, well if I wanted to be really picky then I’d like them to be a little longer covering more of the tyre.  This isn’t essential though and it really is me just being really picky.  After using them for the last few rides I can confirm they work as any guard should do.  I had a clean back and my feet remained drier than normal, the guards never moved once unlike the older ones.  So there was no rubbing of the tyre to annoy you during the ride, I had to slightly modify them to go under the brake callipers but if you use discs you’ll have no problem. 

Not only were the new Guards from Crud stronger and a better design at £30+ they are cost effective and well worth the money.

So if you want a good value mudguard thats strong and durable then look at the Crud Mk3’s, these are defiantly a guard to look at if only to stop all the crap going in your face or up your back.

The question is how can they make the guards any better than this current version, well in all honesty the only thing that I would suggest is a longer rear guard.  That really is the only thing I can think of.  The now mount system really is the easies one out there, even my wife finds them easy to fix onto the bike.

With the cost and the new design this really is a great solution for cyclists to ensure they maintain a drier back. 

A firm favourite for the Cycle With Del review,

Crud part 1

Crud part 2