Cross Training for Cyclists

Cross training is a great way to get faster and stronger on the bike, it doesn’t help you out much with your endurance. But it will definitely increase your power output, strength, overall health, flexibility and decreases the risk of overuse injuries. If you find you are getting injured, bored, fancy a change from your usual routine or if the weather is bad then this article will help you out. If any of these types of training do not help you perform better or feel better then don’t carry on with it. Some types of training works better for some than others


                  This is a great way to get a short, intense workout in. You can push yourself as hard or as easy as you like, and if the weathers bad this can be a good alternative to riding. I have heard many people say they get more power on hills and also learn to spin their legs faster on the flats, from regularly attending Spin classes.


                           These classes are great for building core strength and overall flexibility. These are also good for helping you to relax and recover from hard training.

Weight Training

                                  Weight training can be a controversial subject, some people swear by it and others think it hinders their performance. Your best bet would be to try it out, learn from a qualified Gym Instructor or get a Personal Trainer for a session and get a cycling specific workout.

 I personally enjoy weight training hard in the ’off season’ to change training up and increase strength, then I  do easy work when ‘in season’ to keep some basic strength and flexibility.


                   A lot of people get into cycling due to injuries from running, if this is you, don’t start running again. If not running can be another nice way to get outside, build your leg strength and increase your cardiovascular system. You may even want try out an event such as a duathlon (run, ride, run) or triathlon. If you enjoy this type of training.


                      As all cyclists know your upper body gets very tight when doing long rides. This can be great to stretch out, work on breathing techniques, build strength and increase your cardiovascular fitness.

All of these are great ways to cross train. There are plenty of others as well. Just don’t try them all at once, as you won’t know what helps and what doesn’t.

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