Light’s…. we all use the and at times we all need them, well I have a great little light here that not only works is also durable and yes and good value. Now you may think your better than this by fitting a brake light to your bike but take a look at it first, and for around a tenner what have you got to loose.I noticed this light in a small little article and have chased the manufacturers to let me have one, and when I say I have chased them I mean I have been contacting people from around the world just to get hold of one of these lights. I really do think they are a brilliant bit of kit and would love to see more of them on our roads, I’d like to know when the bike in front is braking rather than hitting the back wheel or having to swerve to avoid a collision but creating an accident in the process.

For the sake of 10 minutes have a look at what I think and then take another 5 minutes getting one for your bike. I hope you enjoy the review..

Here is what I think is a brilliant idea and they should come as on all new bikes, as we need to make people either driving or riding behind us know what were doing or going to do. I know we all have lights during the evening times and night but these would be perfect during any time on the bike, I know from personal experience that it’s easy to ride close to the bike in front making sure you get the best of that draft but your no mind reader so you have to have super quick reactions.So who make them, Well a large company called Sigma are responsible for this little gem, but they don’t just make lights oh no they really do look at what a cyclist needs from GPS devices,  Watches,Computers to Lights . They also have a range of clothing and other bits if you like some little extras.

For the moment though I’m going to be looking at this little brake Light and I have to say it really is a great bit of kit, made from a light but durable plastic it weighs in at just 7 grams which is mostly the battery ( CR1025 ) so you don’t even know its there. It arrives in a small little box and all you need to do is take it out and attach it to the bike.

When you look at the light theres a gap in the top part of the light that fits under the brake adjustment screw, then on the fixing knuckle theres another little cut out with a little brass screw that once you have placed the cable between them you just simply tighten up, but don’t over do this as it may stay on. This is where it’s just riding up the cable, if you go steady you can get it in the right place and just tighten it up using a 2.5mm hex wrench ( not included ).One thing that you need to make sure before you fit it is that there is 25mm of cable between the brake release and the cable adjustment, if you don’t have this gap then you may find it won’t fit. This is made for cable actuated mechanical brakes only at the moment but I can’t see it being long before theres one for disk brakes as well.

Once it’s attached to the cable it seems to stay in place really well, I went out on a 35 mile ride over some pretty rough roads and it never moved, which surprised me as I thought It may fall off. Knowing it was there gave me a sense of security knowing that the cars behind could see I was slowing down, not that they did a great deal but I noticed they gave me a little more room when I attempted to slow down.

These lights come in five different colours but that only the outer shell, the light itself is a red LED, which looks really bright. I know you want to know how long it lasts for, well they claim it will last for;

  • approx. 200 hours continuous light, average of approx. 100,000 braking processes,

Now this will depend on how much you brake and how long you have your hand’s on the brake levers, personally I hardly use my brakes but I know riders who always cover the levers.

When it comes to the weather conditions or washing the bike you don’t have to worry there either as they are quite robust and claims to be water proof, I’ve washed the bike and the lights got a real good covering and still seem to work fine.

From what I have seen they are made really well and have a really good feel about them, I’ll be keeping this one on my bike thats for sure and it gets even better. So how much do you think this little gizmo is, well if you look on Sigma’s website it’s $9.99 or if you go to Amazon you can get on for between £8.99 to £9.99. Either way I think this is a brilliant little extra to have on your bike especially if you do a lot of group riding. Nothing worse than nearly knocking off your mate in front of you because you never realised he was braking.

As I mentioned at the top this would be a brilliant little feature to but on your bike as a built in extra, either under the seat post or the whole of the seat post. By using LED’s and a small battery there’s no reason why something like that couldn’t be done. Maybe not so much on a race bike but a city bike or mountain bike would be fine.

Remember this is to be used in addition with a rear light in times when there’s no natural light, as I state it’s a brake light only. So go and get one as they look brilliant.