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Hello and welcome, what a weird week with the weather one minute its bright and sunny then its lightening and storms.  Still I’ve had a great week and I really cant wait till next weekend, I’ve been able to sort my bike out this week which was quite easy.

I’ve also been writing up a few reviews this week that you should help you out,  I may of found a new product that I should be able to look at soon and give a very well known cleaning brand a run for its money.

When I started the Cycle With Del website one of the first companies I contacted to have a look at the products they made was KMC Chains.  If you’ve never heard of them before then have a look below because I have some really good news for you all.

OK let me get on with this weeks blog and then you can get on with sorting you’re next ride.

Have you wanted to do a great sportive, well a week today or Sunday 5th June the Human race will be holding the famous Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales by le Tour de France.  This is one of my favourite sportives out there,  I loved this so much last year I entered again this year. 

Unfortunately my cycling buddies aren’t able to do it this years event with me, which is a shame but it wont stop me from going.  I hope the weathers as good as it was last year because it was really good, I don’t mind the heat and the sun but if it rains I’ll be gutted.

If you’re going to ride this event and you’d like to join me then let me know, I’ll be the one wearing the Mio kit (black and orange) so it shouldn’t be to hard to find me.  Or you may see me in the car park, I’m hoping to have the logo on the side of my van by then so you shouldn’t have a problem seeing it.

I hope to see you all there if your going just let me know and send me a message on any of the social media sites.  I’d love to meet you unless you have any complaints, in that case you need to see the customer service dept…. once its set up.   Hope all of you who are attending the event enjoy it and stay safe, just a tip don’t push yourself too hard there’s a few hills (mountains) and the one hill known as the ‘Devils Staircase’ is great and a good lung thumper. Have fun. 

Closing entrance is on Tuesday 31st May

dragon ride

If you remember the other week I explained how I wanted to change from a 28 to a 32T rear cassette,  in order for me to do this I stumbled across the knowledge that to go up to a 32T cassette I had to also change the rear derailleur.

Well for any of you out there who would think this is an area you wouldn’t want to try and mess with, worry no more.  I was so surprised at just how easy it was to change these parts on the bike,  knowing my way around the bike I love so much is so important I really do think this is something everybody should know.

Not only do you get the reassurance the work has been done well but you also save a load of money and all the messing around getting your bike to the shop.  If for some reason you feel this is just a little to much then OK go to your local bike shop, NOT HALFORDS though there not a bike shop even though they think so. (personal opinion)

Once I removed the short cage derailleur for the longer caged derailleur I was fully committed, so I replaced the rear cassette and put the wheel back on.  Then it was a case of playing with the cable and the adjustment screws.  I think it took a total of 10 minutes and I was done it really is that simple, all I did then was road test it a few times up and down the road checking the gears up and down.  So I’ll be trying this out on my Sunday ride and then getting more training in for the Hells 500 Challenge.

I’m hoping the bigger cassette will give me a little more comfort on the hills as I’ll be going up and down them so many times, I thought it was a good idea at the time but after doing a load of training I’m realising it’s not one of my best choices but I’ll do it and then I can say I’ve done it even if it’s from a hospital bed or led on the floor.

I’d like to thank the Somer Valley Cycling Club for allowing me to join them on todays ride,  I was a bit dubious to be honest as I’ve met a few clubs and they seemed to be a bit…..well bolshy. 

So it was nice when I turned up and they were all very welcoming, there were two groups who went out and I’m guessing a lot of the members weren’t there were away at either a race or taking a weekend break.  Still the crowd I went with were really nice and all seemed very passionate about cycling.  This was great to see and along with the relaxed riding it was also comfortable to ride out with.

The route took us to a well known cycling stop on the Somerset Levels at Sweets Cafe.   As you’d expect I had the normal coffee and bacon roll while the majority had a slice of cake.  Once refuelled and refreshed we headed out toward Well’s and then back home, a really nice ride avoiding as many of the main roads as possible.  With the sun shinning and the slight headwinds it really was a great little ride out.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to join them next weekend as I’m off to Wales to take part in the Dragon ride but I’m sure I’ll be out with them again soon.

I’d like to say thanks to the Somer Valley club for riding at a pace I could keep up with, I hope I never slowed you down to much (apart from the cheddar decent) and I’ll see you all soon hopefully.


Looking for products to show you should be easy, or so you would think but the reality of it is its not.  However with a load of emails and stats proving how many readers I have constantly following my website makes all the difference.

I’m just in the final stages of writing a few different reviews and there really good, one of them is a brilliant power source for your body, the other is a brilliant travel system that allows you to travel and commute in great comfort.

So whats coming once these review are published, well I have a load of great bits from new and more advanced cleaning products and hopefully a new crank system when they decide to reply to my emails.

  I’ll also have one of my favourite bits I have ever put on my bike, KMC Chains have sent me their new and improved chain which apparently is even better than the previous chain.  If you’ve never used a KMC chain then wait till I have this to show you, I really do love the chains KMC provide and even though there a little more expensive than the Shimano ones when you ride with a KMC you’ll see why and you’ll never go back.

Don’t Forget to register for the Auctions and grab yourself a bargain, as soon as I get a few bids on them I’ll reduce the reserve prices and make it really enticing.

Well I’ve got some food to burn on the barbecue so I’ll catch you all soon, I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and don’t forget to subscribe so you know when the reviews are published and other blogs.

Please continue to like and share the website and come and join the Facebook group as well as all the other media platforms I’m on.

Till the next time stay safe and remember Smile 🙂

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    Hi Del you work with my son in law Matt Haine I am doing the dragon ride next week with a mate from Weston-super-Mare I am doing the medo route you could ride with us if you wish to have some riding buddy it would be great to meet you

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