When it comes to cleaning your bike we all have our own styles and techniques. There is no right or wrong way of cleaning your bike,  all I want to do is show you how to look after the bike you spent so much money on.  If you look after your bike it’ll not only look good when you go out but it’ll last a lot longer.

Here’s a few different things I do to make sure my pride and joy looks like new each time I go out.


Making sure your bike is clean isn’t always everyones main concern but looking after your bike will save you a fortune in maintenance costs.  I’ll explain more later, first I wan to show you about the products I use to get my bike nice and clean.

Now you can clean your bike with just water, the problem with this is you’ll be there a lot longer than you think trying to get all the crap off the bike.  So you need to look at a good cleaning solution which will break the dirt and grime down and at the same time not cause any damage to your bike frame.

Some of you will not see the point in getting a proper cleaner or degreaser, but your running a risk here of creating more work than you want.  Let me explain, take you’re every day washing up liquid.  Yes it cleans your plates and dishes nice and clean, it may even make your car look all shiny.  What you don’t realise is that its designed to break down grease and oil, this results in it stripping the oil and grease around the areas that require protecting.  This then results in you needing bearings changed in either the headset or the crank.

So what would I recommend, well I’ve tried them all and I have to say there is only one I would use. Muc-Off seem to have nailed the cleaning range.  I’ve used all of the products Muc-Off have to offer and they really do make it easier to look after your bike.

I’ve made a short video for you to see how I clean my bike so you can see how I go about cleaning my bike. All you’ll need is your chosen cleaning product, Soft bristle brush, soft cloth, hose pipe, water and a bike stand.

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The first thing I would do when I clean my bike is make sure the bike is set so you can get to all the areas you want to get clean.  Using a secure bike stand set the bike so it won’t fall over whilst cleaning, you can turn it upside down and rest on the seat and handlebars but these will then get either scratched or dirty.

Once you have the bike in position you can get started, Using your chosen cleaning product give the whole bike a good covering with a spray bottle. Don’t put any water on the frame first use the cleaning agent before you put any water on the bike.

Make sure you get all the areas on the bike, as well as the wheels. Leave for 5 – 10 minutes for the cleaning agent to soak in, once you’ve waited for the solution to soak in get your spray bottle and a soft brush and give the bike another quick spray whilst at the same time using the brush to remove the mud.

Once you’ve given the bike a good spray and brush you can then get some water on the bike and wash off the crud, making sure you give the bike a good covering rinse of all the dirt. If you find there’s some areas that need more gifs it a squirt and repeat the first process.

Never ever use a jet wash, there’s no need and all you’ll end up doing is force water into the areas that the Grease is trying to prevent water from getting into.

A hose pipe with the water coming out in a gentle flow will be fine and ideal for cleaning the fluid of your bike, make sure you give the wheels and the frame a good rinse and then let it stand for a few minutes.  You can remove the wheel’s and give them a really good clean checking for any debris that could cause a potential problem on the next outing. Just make sure you wash all around the outside of the tyre and give all the spokes a good clean, whilst checking at the same time for any loose spokes.

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Once you’ve washed all the dirt and grime give the chain a good covering, again I use Muc-Off chain cleaner which is brilliant. All you need to do is spray onto the required area and leave for a few minutes. Then brush into the chain and then rinse the chain with water.  If you look after the chain it’ll come up like new, all you need to do is wipe off any excess water with a dry cloth.

Once you’ve given the frame a good wipe over you can either leave and be done with a clean frame or you can use the Muc-Off Bike Spray and give the bike a spray. This will leave a coat over the frame and help next time you come to clean the bike, make sure you don’t get any on the braking areas as this may cause a problem when braking on you’re next outing.

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Once you’ve made sure your bikes all clean there’s just a couple more thing’s you need to do, make sure all the area’s that have grease on them are still nicely coated in grease.  Once you’ve wiped the chain over you’ll need to make sure you give it a good covering in oil. Depending on the time of year and the weather conditions will determine what oil I apply to the chain.

I find there are a few brands out there but once again I use the Muc-Off oil as it seems to work really well and last for ages on the chain, depending on the weather conditions of course.  Make sure you put a good covering of oil on the chain and wipe off any excess with a cloth, this will prevent the chain from rusting or getting any stiff links.

Once you’ve given the whole bike a good clean it’s ready for the next outing. You can use other cleaning products out there on the market,  I can’t say how good they are as there are a few I don’t really rate or like the finish.  Once you’ve given the bike a god clean you can cover it with a decent car polish which will give the frame even more protection but this is purely your own choice.  I admit I do polish my bike with a rather expensive polish from Auto Glym and yes it really does make a difference but again this is your own choice.

I hope this helps

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