Every now and again we all look for advice about things we don’t know, haven’t experienced or are simply inquisitive to find an answer to those unanswered questions. The same applies to cycling. When I took up the sport there were a million and one questions that I wanted answers for, the internet is great but answers are even better from someone who has experienced things themselves in person.

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Have you got an issue with your bike, does it run smooth and quite when your out.  Do you want to know how to fix and maintain your pride and joy,  I’ll upload maintenance help when ever you want it and covering the whole bike.

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Hill’s are the one area that most cyclists fear, some like me and love them and with a little help you can too.  I’ve looked at a number of different techniques to get up the smallest hill and the longest mountain.

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Getting ready for a big ride is one of the biggest parts of cycling, from training to the food you eat.  I’ll explain how I’ve rode the bigger miles and managed to not feel like my legs are falling off.

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Riding the big one, or doing you’re first century is what you’ve trained for all this time.  So I’ll be explaining how I ride on the day it counts, from the morning prep to the ride itself and then that all important recovery.

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